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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Another Restaurant to Try

My friend Pam in my office building told me about this one. It’s cheaper at lunch. She says the pizza with Gorgonzola, walnuts, and arugula is to die for. And for me, it would be; I will have to make it at home with a different cheese if I don’t want anaphylactic shock for dessert.

I ate the last few bites of Monday’s trout with another quarter of my ginormous potato for dinner and then had a sensible slice of pie for dessert. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory for a group lunch at work, and there is a slice of cheesecake [minus one bite] waiting for me in the fridge when I get to work this morning. I wanted something relatively light for dinner last night. I also wanted to go wander the aisles at Central Market for a bit of exercise but opted to stay home with the Robert B. Parker mystery that Trainman loaned me on Monday, instead.

So at 6:00am on a possibly soggy morning ~ I was wakened by rain pounding on the outside of the window unit sometime in the middle of the night ~ I am halfway through the Spenser novel and about halfway down the foot of Eleanora. I’m driving in again today, because tonight we have the temple session for our singles conference, and I will head straight for the temple after work. I don’t think I need to wind the Wollmeise just yet.

My friend Kristen posted this yesterday. I couldn’t say it better. I am pleased that so many people turned out to vote. I am pleased that we might finally be ready to bury the moldering corpse of racism in this country. I think he will be a better President than many conservatives fear. I think his administration has an opportunity to bless and heal this country; I wonder if the inertia which is one of the major components of bureaucracy, will allow him to do so. I devoutly hope that he is a man with greater character than the last Democratic president demonstrated.

And maybe sometime in the next forty or fifty years, other isms will topple, and we will seriously consider a good woman [of either party, though I have my preferences] as President, or ~ gasp ~ one of us pesky Latter-Day Saints. In the meantime, it will be my privilege to pray for my President and his administration.

You betcha.


Jenni said...

I did my duty. I voted. Now just like a sustaining at church, I will work to support positive goverment leaders, who ever they might be.

Kristen said...

We did not have as high a voter turnout as was expected this year; 80-85% was projected, we had 62%, including the early and absentee votes, where I worked the polls.
I like to think that the election results might prove that America is not as racist as she is declared to be, but then I don't know for sure how "racist" she really is. (When you aren't something yourself it is hard to believe sometimes that someone else is.)
A favorite radio host, Dennis Prager, said Wed. night made some good comments about this. I'll see if I can find a transcript.