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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Since We’re Being Grateful

Kristen has another excellent quote.

So does Charlotte Lyons.

My friend gwtreece commented that “the only to get warmth in a ward is by providing the spark to it.” So true. Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” We can win over the most intransigent human being by persistent and consistent kindness [well, assuming that said intransigent human being is not also psychotic; that takes a miracle on the order of the loaves and the fishes].

Yesterday was pretty much a laugh in terms of productivity. I entered two lawsuits to help out the data clerk. I relieved the switchboard operator for the mail run and her breaks. I paid a few bills for one of the legal secretaries. Mostly I noshed, and that was even before our catered lunch arrived.

The apple dumplings didn’t make it past 10:45 or so. About a fourth of my banana pecan muffins were MIA at that point. I managed to drop a sizable blob of the managing attorney’s artichoke dip on the front of my shirt. Still, a good day, one filled with the company of people I love, enjoy and respect.

This from Dr. Wally.

And the second Koigu sock this far from being finished.

I’ll do the sewn cast-off after I get to work today. The red Wollmeise is in my bag for the ride home tonight, and then I will wind up the first ball of the KnitPicks Gloss for 2BDH’s birthday scarf. Since I have no intention of leaving the house on Black Friday, I should [knock wood] be able to whip it out in time to deliver it Monday night. His birthday is Tuesday.

[This will be my theme song for the weekend.]

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Tan said...

That sock really is very yummy. Which color number did you say it was? Although with Koigu you just have to look at it on the shelf and pick it out. Hard to find a color number again.

Happy Turkey Day!