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Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Series of Pivotal Moments

Sometime last spring I read an article or blog post which suggested examining one’s life and looking for pivotal or defining moments. If I had to pick only one, it would be the night that I said Yes to God and invited Him into my life.

But that life has not been linear; I think there have been many choices which have nudged me along my path [or back onto the path]. Here are a few of them.

1. Divorcing First Hubby. Which set in motion a number of consequences, culminating three weeks later in:
2. My baptism. Which led to:
3. My patriarchal blessing. And two years later:
4. Marrying the children’s father in the Salt Lake temple.
5. Holding that first precious child in my arms, while sitting on the edge of my bed the day we came home from the hospital, and realizing that I had Not Clue One and that her life depended upon me.
6. The addition of four more innocent lives to our family.
7. Eight years of cycling in and out of depression. [More like a defining era.] There was a lot that went on inside that was not evident on the outside, and Heaven was very much with me, every step of the way.
8. The death of my father. This is when I first began to say “enough”.
9. The death of my mother. This is when I began to put “enough” into action.
10. Divorcing the children’s father. One of the hardest decisions I have ever made, with fallout greater than I could have imagined.
11. Secondborn’s wedding. I watched 2BDH’s mother deal graciously with a former spouse.
12. Firstborn’s wedding and instant grandmotherhood for me.
13. Middlest’s elopement.
14. The sealing of my two oldest daughters to their husbands. I was present for one and not for the other.
15. The births of the Bitties. Ditto.
16. Standing up to Brother Abacus. [And I would not have done that had I not been in counseling for something else, and my counselor gently insisted that somebody needed to inform him that his choices were hurtful. He is not an evil man; he is just not done grieving his late wife, and it would be better for “the sistren” if he would learn to be content in his singleness before shopping for another wife.]
17. My friendships with Brother Stilts, Brother Karitas, and Brother Sushi. What a blessing and a comfort each of them is to me. Time will reveal if this new friendship with Trainman has that sort of staying power.

Not much knitting yesterday, but some marvelous experiences which deserve a post of their own.

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Jenni said...

I'm glad I made the list. In good ways! :)