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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Playing with the “Prada Yarn”, dancing with [old] wolves

Are we having fun yet? Should that be our focus? I have been guilty of this.

I think one of the reasons my two oldest girls seem frequently happier than the younger ones, is because when they were tiny, we took them with us to deliver Meals on Wheels. And we regularly picked up a single brother and took him to church. And I had time to teach them how to do things, as well as show them how to be. [I am not saying that they are better people, only that they seem happier as a rule.]

By the time the three younger ones came along, my focus had narrowed significantly from service to others, to trying to keep our family fed and clothed and the mortgage out of foreclosure and the car un-repossessed. There was no longer room in our car for our kids and that good brother. [So somebody else got the blessing of serving him.] I think the younger girls got shortchanged. And I feel sad about that, though I’m not sure how I could have handled things much differently.

All five of the girls are loving, kind, and thoughtful people. Each is working hard to overcome the selfish tendencies that we humans are prone to, simply because we are mortal. I have faith in them, and hope for them.

Eleanora is done. I have wound up my Wollmeise; much bluer reds than this picture shows.

I am torn between casting on a pair of socks for the November Sockdown [I won one of the prizes last year, woohoo!] and casting on the Sunrise Circle Jacket. Decisions, decisions!

I have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday morning at 8:10; perfect, as I was already driving in that day. She wants to look at my poor, sad foot. And in the meantime I will keep slathering it with anti-fungal cream. How wonderful to live at a time when there are so many ways to solve a medical problem: allopathic medicine, Chinese herbs, chiropractic, massage therapy, and let us not forget dark chocolate!

Last night’s entertainment was delightful. He really warmed up the crowd and got us in a good mood to dance. I took the opportunity to speak to the sister who had dated Brother Abacus after he ghosted on me, and to apologize for not having forgiven her for having taken his word that we had come to an agreement and not verifying with me. When I saw her in the temple on Thursday night, I knew I didn’t want to be mad at her any more. We had a good hug and a couple of belly laughs, and things are sweet between us once again.

The dance was OK. Music started out all slow and mushy, i.e., for couples, but got better as the night went on.

I got some feedback from friends who are family history consultants, and I don’t need to ask Brother Stilts’s family’s permission to do his temple work, as he was a baptized member of the church. I just need to assemble some dates and the documentation, and we can see to it that his work gets done.

I need to leave in half an hour to be on time for the address by my former bishop who is now the stake president. I had better stir my stumps!

Nail Dude did a great job on my nails yesterday, and my hair is much improved after a trim.

I was planning to run to the grocery store this morning to pick up what I need to make lasagna to feed the elders tomorrow. I think I will just cut out of the dance early to make sure that I am done shopping before the Sabbath. If the dance is as only-OK as last night’s dance, I won’t stay long at all.

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Rorek said...

Now that you mention it, I remember the Meals on Wheels, and picking up the Brother from his green house.

I will admit that I focus more on having fun than might be average. I think that as long as I take care of my responsibilities, and look out for my fellow man, that this is alright.

Why can't life be fun, as well as rewarding and meaningful? I seek something to break up the hard times, with fond memories. We can only look back so much, before we've stopped in our feet. It's important to keep moving, and so I feel we must look forward to fun things, as well as realistic responsibilities.