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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Puttering About

I rearranged the living room yesterday. The couch and coffee table now face the fireplace. I have moved the end table which I occasionally use as a light table, over by the window, as well as one of the cheapie bookcases, which I nearly tore up while skooching it.

Fourthborn, would you like the two green ladderback chairs? Not the one I call the Queen Chair [I want to keep that for myself and will probably repaint it some shade of red] or the one I never got around to repainting. I think one of them needs re-gluing, but I suspect that’s something FiancĂ© knows how to fix. I will put them in the back of my car and could get them to you on Knit Night. Let me know. Otherwise I think I will just drop them off at the thrift store, unless somebody else wants them.

I have the rocker that Dad made, which is broken, and which I cannot bear to trash. Once I find the missing piece, which I know I saw in the course of the move, I will get that to Brother Sushi for some day when he is absolutely bored and wants something to do. Occasionally he likes to put things together, as opposed to using his multiple-black-belt skills to take them irrevocably apart.


I am still not sure where the two rattan chairs are supposed to go. I think one of them will end up in my room, and maybe I will put the other one out in the eating area of my kitchen, or find a spot for it in my studio. It would be nice for Brother Sushi, or any other dinner guest, to be able to sit and visit in comfort while I put the last touches on dinner.

Maybe if I move the small folding bookcase, which holds many of my favorite bits of crockery, to the other side of its wall by the front door?

Then I could put the drop-leaf table along the back of the couch [shown here with the Queen Chair on its right, and the rocker Dad made on its left]

and have room for both rattan chairs by the kitchen window.

Yeah, that works. I wish I had taken a picture of Best Friend sitting in the right-hand chair, chatting with me as I finished up the dishes. And maybe I will ask 2BDH to hang the cabinet I bought from Brother Stilts on one wall or another, out of the way.

I know that most of you who read my blog are deeply committed to your own faith, your own church, and that what you have, works for you. I respect that; God blesses all who honor true principles in their lives, wherever those principles are found. And He accomplishes His work through people of all faiths [and honorable people without a formal faith or belief]. I found this YouTube on Meridian; perhaps you will enjoy it as much as I did, and perhaps it may answer questions you didn’t know you had.

I was a good girl at Central Market; came home with a couple of blood oranges and two apples, some bananas, a quart of chicken stock, another ginormous potato, a round loaf of French bread, a week’s worth of granola and more of that gingerbread candy corn.

I loved tasting all the samples they had at the store. It was like grazing through Sam’s, only gourmet.

Best Friend confirmed that yes, the milk was going sour, so I poured it out on the compost pile where it can still work some magic.

What did I end up cooking? I baked up the last of the lasagna and drained the pasta water into a smaller pot, in which I boiled some fettucine for my lunch. I love my pasta portion measuring tool; now I never make too much or too little. I put the potato in the oven before leaving to get a fresh gallon of milk and ate half the potato for dinner, topped with chili and freshly-grated Asiago cheese.

Just before dinner, my nose started running. I don’t know if it’s because of how cold it is outside and the fact that I’ve been in and out all day [way more than I had planned], or getting used to the gas fireplace ~ which is simmering nicely behind me, and my living room is both warm enough and cool enough for my comfort ~ or if it’s a reaction to Wednesday’s flu shot. I don’t generally react to them, but last week was quite a week in some aspects.

I sent a query to a fellow Raveler about her stash of the turquoise Chelsea Silk. It would be lovely if we could come to an agreement on price and timing. I can’t do anything next Friday; that paycheck is already allocated elsewhere, but I should have a soupçon of wiggle room the following paycheck. We shall see.


Jenni said...

I'm glad that you are continuing to figure out where you want everything in your house.

Sherry said...

I loved spending time with you yesterday. We must make this a regular activity. Next time I want you to take me to some of the knitting and other types of shops in your neighborhood.
Love you!

nekokoi said...

i'd love those chairs! both for the sentimentality and the needing more places to sit in our apartment. xD