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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Views from the Porch

This is what prompted me to go grab the camera.

And then I noticed the birch (?) by the driveway.

And the view across the top of Lorelai.

Over the neighbor’s porch. I could hear children playing in their back yard.

Looking across the street and slightly to the right.

And a bit of yellow that reminds me of the aspens in the hills above Boise, in hue if not in shape.

Turning around, the view from the back of the couch.

If you squint, or click to embiggen, you can see the elastic on the zills. The silver ones are in the bag; I took them with me to Firstborn’s on Thanksgiving, and LittleBit tied the knots for me. Couldn’t have asked Trainman to help. I didn’t see him once last week.

If you are reasonably local, i.e., in the North Texas region, my old stake is presenting its fourteenth annual Nativity display at the stake center, beginning this coming Thursday night and continuing through Saturday night. There will be choirs and small groups singing in the chapel and probably in the cultural hall as well, and it will be lovely, and if you are feeling the slightest bit grinchy because of Black Friday madness or the state of the economy or the state of your checkbook, this is a Christ-centered activity that just might cure what ails you.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
3809 Curt Drive
Arlington, TX

Need I add that this is free, our Christmas gift to the community? If you go to the church’s homepage, click on “About the Church” and select “Find a Meetinghouse”, then type in that address, you’ll get a map, and you can also get driving directions. It’s definitely worth your time, and it’s an activity suitable for the entire family.

My new stake is having its Christmas music festival on the 14th. I’ll give you those details later. You ought to come to that, as well. [I’ll be the one with the zills and the slightly sheepish expression.]

When I went to bed last night, there were 40” on the birthday scarf! Whether I deliver it tonight, before choir practice, or tomorrow after work, depends on whether I have an appropriate birthday card already on hand.

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Jenni said...

Derek signed up for the clean up committee after the Nativity is all done and I am helping to host. I look forward to this every year.