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Thursday, November 27, 2008

What I’m Not Fixing for Thanksgiving Dinner Today

Mason-Dixon Knitting had what sounded like a good recipe on Monday. It feels a little weird not to be making a pan of my sweet potatoes. I will have to remedy that sometime between now and Christmas.

The proportions I use are roughly: 1 large can of sweet potatoes or yams, 1 medium can of mandarin oranges, one handful of pecan halves. Season to taste with freshly-grated nutmeg [but not if you are pregnant, according to the nice folks at Whole Foods], maybe some cinnamon if you are so inclined, and either grade B maple syrup [cooking grade, not gourmet grade] or brown or turbinado or demerara sugar, but not a lot of whichever one you choose. Stir gently and bake about half an hour, until heated through. Generally around 350°F / 176°C, chez nous.

@Tan: I checked on Ravelry; the color for the Koigu is Jewel Tones, dye lot number P141 145. These socks will go with absolutely everything in my closet! [And on my chairs, and piled atop boxes, and in the wash. Just trying to keep it real.] I had 4.9 g left in one ball, 3.5 g left in the other. Probably not enough for Middlest to knit a doll sweater. Possibly enough for me to make a miniature sweater for my Christmas tree; definitely enough for a pair of tiny mittens or socks.

No, one sock is not significantly larger than the other; it’s a trick of perspective.

I put several rounds on my Mystery Sock November 2008 while coming home on the train yesterday afternoon. [We got to leave an hour early. I didn’t wait to be told twice.] I completed the first pattern repeat and am a little ways into the second.

And last night I cast on 45 stitches for 2BDH’s birthday scarf. I’m doing a simple knit-purl pattern with garter stitch borders so it will (a) be reversible and (b) not require blocking before I give it to him. Have I mentioned that his birthday is Tuesday?

I fell asleep sitting upright, while knitting on the scarf last night. So now I need to grab some leftover banana pecan muffins and a mug of milk and figure out where I was when I dozed off. I brought the leftover muffins home rather than let them mold in their bag on the counter at work over the weekend. The fridge there is still too full to fit them in.

And I need to document 2BDH’s scarf over on Ravelry. No pictures here on the blog until it’s done.

Have a blessed and safe and happy and grateful Thanksgiving, everybody! I will raise a forkful of medium-rare sirloin in your collective honor when I’m at Texas de Brazil this afternoon, listening to bossa nova [and Brother Sushi] instead of a bunch of overpaid athletes crashing into each another. And then I will head over to Firstborn’s and hug my girls and older granddaughters and kiss my grandbabies.

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Francis Shivone said...

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you. (love the socks)