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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gratitude, Bigotry, and Knitting Progress

Anne Perry’s 2007 column about gratitude, to savor as we contemplate our blessings this month and look forward to another empty can of jellied cranberry sauce.

Last Thursday’s anti-LDS ruckus was worse than I had thought. When I logged onto Meridian at work, there was a discreet statement that their website had been hacked. When I read Paul Bishop’s columns on Monday morning, this is what I learned. [The second link is the same one which is embedded at the bottom of the first article.]

The hackers placed a nasty film on Meridian’s website. Charming. I’m glad that Meridian had taken down the site by the time I logged on. It would have been really embarrassing to have that trash pop up on my computer at work. And to have to explain to my bosses why I had suddenly developed an interest in same.

This is a link to the YouTube featured on yesterday’s Meridian homepage.

I have learned a new increase for the *Sunrise Circle Jacket*: M1R. Her way of doing it is so much simpler than the way I had been doing a backwards-twisted lifted increase [when I bothered]. I generally prefer to simply lift the bar between stitches on the preceding row and pull up a new stitch. If I am doing toe increases on a toe-up sock, it creates a row of little bitty holes, and I call it a design feature. I think it looks kinda cute.

I am not all that fond of twisting the bar in a lifted increase in order to completely eliminate the hole. But since I don’t know where the increases are going to be on the front of this jacket, only that there will be a lot of them, and I don’t want to end up with a jacket that looks like baby Swiss, I am biting the bullet and doing the increases just as they are prescribed.

I know, shocking, right?

That’s where I was at 4:45 this morning. The markers show where the dart decreases ended; that’s about where I was this time yesterday morning. As of this posting, I have one row left before working the final dart increase, and then I think three rows until I begin the raglan decreases. I am riding the train in from a different station today; I will still be relatively close to Middlest so that I may pick her up for Knit Night, while saving gas and not losing my knitting time. [Or my Trainman time; we had a nice visit about the book he loaned me and a good laugh over my leaving my jacket at the restaurant.] I switched my doctor’s appointment from this morning to tomorrow afternoon, as I had forgotten that one of my coworkers also has an appointment this morning.

Ah, middle age. Gotta love it. We now return you to your regularly scheduled knitting. I’m going to see if I can whip out the next row while the tub fills...


Tan said...

Hard to understand how the correct response to perceived bigotry is hard-core bigotry. And why does it come from the supposedly PC, everything-goes crowd?

Lynn said...

Because "anything goes", only goes for them?

Rorek said...

The only difference between the people who posted that garbage on Meridian, and the people that bash Gay people, is the side of the fence they are on. It's still hate.

I may not agree with one side or the other, but I'm certainly not going to spraypaint offensive things on someone's house, car, or website. You know what I mean.