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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Another good, productive day

I don’t know if it’s spillover from my new calling, but work seems to be going even better than usual. I stay busy, I keep myself useful, and the days just fly. Yesterday I caught up my friend’s enormous stack of filing, reducing it to half a dozen items for her to take care of. She had asked me to see what I could do about it last Friday, but since I didn’t know how she organizes her desk [she’s a stacker and piler, like me], I didn’t know which stack was oh please get this junk out of here, and which was files that are almost ready for closing.

Now I know, and she had a pristine file area when we left at the end of the day.

Got to sit and visit with Trainman last night; didn’t see him all last week, and LadyZen only once. Both of them have acquired seriously crazy schedules at work. It was so nice to catch up, to share how ward conference went and how the calling is going, and find out what’s up with him.

Says he, “You’ve had your new calling for about a month now. Wedding bells?”

Who has time to date? And I would probably need to stop having razor-blade soup for breakfast, first. While on the train yesterday morning, I glanced across the aisle to a book that a man I sometimes visit with, was preparing to read: Plain Honest Men.

“Fiction?” The woman facing him gasped and covered her mouth, then chortled. [I also visit with her sometimes.]

“Romance.” All three of us roared. I told him he got double points for that one.

Just before we pulled into the station, I asked him what the book is really about; it consists of brief biographies of the men involved in forming the Constitution. And while I seldom read history, having had one too many junior varsity coaches as a teacher [I apologize if any of you are JV coaches in remission, or JV coaches who actually know how to teach], this sounds like something I might enjoy.

Has anybody here read it?

I need to gather up my stuff:
1. Compost
2. Garbage & recycling
3. Check the oil
4. Deposit a reimbursement check for RS supplies
5. Dentist
6. Optical shop
7. Call a friend to see how her job search is going

I’m taking the finished Sunrise Circle Jacket to Knit Night, plus the current project: I have nearly finished the second repeat on the Lace Ribbon Scarf.

It’s supposed to be 97°F [36°C] on Thursday. I am so not ready for it to be summer.


Kristen said...

Hah! Your thoughts on coaches as history teachers hit the mark with me!
I haven't read the mentioned book, but now I want to. I've just read "Founding Fathers" by Steven Allen and found it to be quite good.

Tan said...

I'm glad one of us is getting something done!

Sherry said...

Yes, coaches are the bane of history students. I had a kid write on my end-of-year evaluation, "Why can't my history teacher be as good as you?" Now, that's not to brag about my teaching, but I think history is a fascinating subject and kids SHOULD NOT be stuck in a dry, dull class. They should learn about the people who made this country great!