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Thursday, June 25, 2009

What Passes for Normal

I continue to be delighted with my newly-painted bedroom. This morning I unfolded one of my wall quilts, found the rod and three of the four nails to support it, and am presently stymied by the disappearance of my spirit level. I have no doubt that it will reappear in the next few days, but in the meantime I am unwilling to just “eyeball” it. So I will continue to putter, sifting through stacks and layers of all the things I shuffled around while I was painting in there, until the level bubbles up to the surface and victory is mine.

Our presidency meeting went well last night. We hammered out who is presiding over the meetings for the rest of the year, and who is teaching the first lesson each month, and agreed that the music for July will be mainly the patriotic and church-history hymns, and that we will sing Christmas hymns all December. [I lived in a ward once where the music chairman for sacrament meeting, who was also the choir director, had had it up to here with the hymns and carols in the hymnal. It was the first ward I had lived in where we didn’t start singing Silent Night five minutes after the turkey cooled at Thanksgiving.]

And then we worked on the visiting teaching some more. I will go over to the church on Saturday morning and enter all this into the computer, and then we will know where to head when we meet again. And I will have handouts to give the VT Coordinator and the route supervisors, and my counselors, so we will all be on the same page, until it changes again.

Tonight I will bat clean-up on my personal visiting teaching, before my route changes in July.

[I have the closing song from the soundtrack of “You’ve Got Mail” running through my head. Not a bad thing if you like Carole King, and I do.]

A modicum of knitting progress yesterday. Maybe six rows on one of the sleeves; it’s time for another color change. And a couple of rounds on the current miniature sweater for the Christmas tree. Brother Sushi told me that at his family reunion week before last, the wife of one of his cousins was making a sweater out of the softest yarn he had ever touched. He said it was really beautiful. I asked him if the yarn was a little thick and thin, and he said it was. I asked if the colors were mottled, and he said he thought so. I told him that I bet it was Malabrigo. We were headed for dinner at the time, so I didn’t have Autumn Asters with me. [Here are the sleeves, a little over half-finished.]

At work, I got every blessed one of those boxes emptied, and a lot of surplus supplies taken back to the supply room. The previous tenant of this desk had mobility issues, so she kept an exceedingly well-stocked desk. Way more stuff than I need for my own responsibilities; I put it back into circulation. I am not quite done tidying my desk, but it looks a lot better than it did about noon yesterday.

I wonder if I can get those Disney videos transferred into the bottom drawer of the new dresser while the tub fills?

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Jenni said...

It feels good to purge the excess doesn't it. I keep thinking that instead of reading so much I should tackle the straightening of my bedroom now that I have a spare room again to move all the extra junk into.