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Monday, June 15, 2009

Day Two

It occurred to me on the drive home from church, that since I was picking up Fourthborn for the family picnic, I could take her the MDF bookcases and save a trip. Here they are, loaded into the back seat of Lorelai. It took me twenty minutes to empty them; it took ten to wrangle them into the car.

The books are tucked into seldom-used corners of the living room and along the black bookcase in the hall until we pick up the new bookcases at the end of the week. The shoes that normally loiter in my doorway...

...will shortly be back in the closet. There is absolutely no reason why I cannot paint that wall today. If all goes according to plan, this will be a worker-bee day. And I will go to bed tonight in a freshly-painted room, with the headboard firmly attached to the bed and the tree in place behind it and the dust ruffle out of the box it has inhabited for the past year.

We each took our dinner over to Firstborn’s last night. I took two slices of pizza and the brownie bites, which Fourthborn promptly renamed brookies, because they are brownies that look like cookies. Secondborn had also brought brownies, and she had more bananas than she or the Bitties could eat. Two bananas came home with me, and Firstborn kept at least one of them.

I’m not sure whose idea it was, but we had a Fruit-by-the-Foot Race. You unroll the strip of fruit, divide it in half lengthwise, so that everybody has this ribbon that is maybe half an inch wide and three miles long. Place one end between your teeth, and your hands behind your back, and use your teeth and tongue to get that ribbon in your mouth and down the hatch. First one finished, wins, but you have to have it swallowed. BittyBubba got a small wad that he could chew and enjoy. BittyBit got an age-appropriate length so it wouldn’t drag on the carpet, and 1BDH videotaped us.

I did not come in last.

I am thinking it would be a fun activity for Enrichment night. Especially for anyone who might have had a tough day at work and needs a jump-start to reconnect with her sense of play.

In the Scan me up, Scotty! department, 1BDH sent me home with a gently-used scanner and one of the cords I need to connect it; the fire-whatzit cord is now connecting something else to his computer, but there is an excellent chance that 2BDH has a spare fire-whatzit cord. He is the unofficial computer fixit-dude in his ward.

And since Fiancé went with Plan B for his computer, 2BDH still has some linked flat monitors. I am going to talk to him about acquiring two of them and having him attach them, so I can get rid of this enormous ViewSonic which is approximately 18” on a side [which was free to me from one of my sons, and I am still very thankful] and massive as the national debt. When I go back to work next week, I will have split screen monitors. At this point I have no idea how to manage them, but I can learn. It would be neat to have Ravelry up on one monitor and the blog up on another and room for a charging station and a small in-basket on this table.

Painting my boudoir takes precedence. But maybe at the end of the week I can start scanning and shredding paperwork. And maybe in a few weeks, or more likely in a few months, I can pass at least two of my three filing cabinets off to a new home. That’s certainly something to work toward.

Fourthborn, when I was cleaning out those bookcases, I found two vintage Burda pattern magazines [Carina] that somebody gave me around the time you were born. I leafed through them briefly before going to bed last night, and I’ll give them to you next time I see you. Some of the 80’s haute-at-home is amazingly silly. Some of it still looks surprisingly good.

And now if you will kindly excuse me, I’m off to change into my painting clothes and do something about that first wall. It will be mostly covered up with bookcases, so I think it’s the best place for me to practice my faux techniques, once I have the base coat in place.

I love the smell of fresh paint!

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Good luck with the painting.