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Monday, June 22, 2009

Day Nine

Yesterday was my last day of vacation. Yes, I am counting every hour, minute, and second of it, even the bits when I was asleep. This has to rank as one of the best vacations yet.

I was a minute late to my 7:00am meeting [missionary committee], but I was the first one parked, by a ten-second margin. Good, productive meeting; I actually got to give somebody else an assignment.

As I was already at church, I was on time to my 7:30 meeting; from there I took a small list of to-do’s. But in between meetings, I politely commandeered the computer in the clerk’s office and updated the visiting teaching statistics and made a few changes in companionships and sisters assigned to same. I have a printout to share with my counselors on Wednesday. And then we will be on to the next round of tweaking.

We sustained my replacement as Visiting Teaching Coordinator in sacrament meeting today. I could feel the weight of that responsibility rise right off my shoulders. I need to inform the two district supervisors who were absent today, and I need to touch base with my new coordinator to train her to input the reports.

We have HFPE [enrichment meeting] on Tuesday, and it looks as if everything is good to go.

I got an email from MovieMom, telling me that she had gotten another copy of a DVD by the makers of Wallace and Gromit, and that it would be its way forthwith. [This one has sheep!!!] Absolutely made my day!

I came home from church, updated responses I’d gathered during Relief Society on May’s visiting teaching toward my next session on the computer, ate the rest of my cereal from breakfast [granola, so no real ookiness to deal with], swigged a mug of juice, turned on my alarm for 5:00am, and went to bed at 2:03pm with my phone turned off. Woke up about 7:00 and got most of the books up off the floor in the hall and onto a shelf. Moved a couple of my small sheep out of their bookcase and into one of the new ones, to give it a dash of personality.

Here is the top of that same bookcase. I am coming to love these colorful magazine holders. The two orange ones hold vintage issues of Knitter’s. The leftmost red one holds recent knitting magazines. The other red one holds beading and tatting magazines and pamphlets. When I was at JoAnn’s on Saturday, I picked up two sheets of flaming yellow cardstock to make custom labels for each magazine holder.

I have a third red one out here in the living room; it holds my crochet and cross-stitch magazines. [I think I will swap it out with the one on the right, as its label holder matches these others; that would be the OCD kicking in.] The horizontal red box holds my planner pages from July 2006 through June 2008. I think the next box will be orange and go atop the red one, to continue the color symmetry. At the pinnacle is a red frame that I picked up at Target several years ago. It is calibrated like a ruler, and that is a severely cropped Georgia O’Keeffe greeting card displayed within.

My father, who built his own shop off their carport, made that recipe box.

I didn’t get everything done that I would have liked, but I accomplished my major goals for the week. I’m ready to go back to work today, and I’m taking some of my personal items back to adorn my new cubicle. Should make for an interesting day.

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Jenni said...

Good luck, I always hate going back to work that first day after I've been on vacation. it stinks to join the ranks of the real world again.