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Monday, November 08, 2010

Found Objects

And did I ever find a lot of them! I found blank food orders that needed to go back to Bishop, but since he is my new home teacher and had an appointment to come over, I put them on the couch. I had useful papers for the RS president, but since her husband is my old home teacher and came over with Bishop to wrangle with my gas fireplace, I handed them off to him.

I sorted through one small box and shredded most of its contents. And got halfway through the contents of a middling-sized Rubbermaid box before the shredder started to whimper. Since I didn’t want to kill it on its second day home from the store, I shut it off and simply started folding papers for the next shred-fest.

I found the card with the birthday check for LittleBit, which my sister had asked me about. And a couple of Christmas cards that were never opened. And my tatting shuttle. And the book about Genghis Khan which I thought I had already returned to Brother Sushi, but we are having dinner on Friday night, so I’ll get that taken care of then.


My living room is sweetly, pleasantly warm. This is in contrast to yesterday, when I hopped out of bed and immediately threw my black leather jacket on over my jammies. [Because I thoroughly intend to enjoy the privileges of single blessedness for as long as I can, and I really do not want to start collecting cats. Black leather + Tweety Bird seem like a reasonable compromise.]

You would probably be as amazed as I was, to see how many months of bills went into the shredder. Not to mention unopened catalogues and all sorts of political propaganda that sifted in through the mail slot. I think I can get that Rubbermaid container emptied out by the end of the day, but if not there is always tomorrow morning.

I got the ribbing done on the first missionary hat while at church yesterday. The 2.75mm HiyaHiya needles were just what the doctor ordered. I wanted to get the pattern started before bedtime, but it was not to be. Who knew that shredding could be such an exhausting proposition?

So, it is not even 6:00a.m., and I have shredded the papers I had prepared last night and moved the glass-is-half-empty Rubbermaid container over here by my desk but away from the fireplace, topped that with my gratitude journals and “three pages” exercise notebooks from when I was doing The Artist’s Way, around the time of the divorce. Those journals and notebooks filled half of one of those boxes that holds ten reams of copy paper. Said box is waiting by the door to be broken up and put in the recycling bin.

I also brought out another box to go through, which is likely to be the foundation of yet another contribution to the thrift store. It held a teddy bear which I will donate to the Teddy Bear Concert, and a cardboard advent tree which I bought at Starbucks five years ago. LittleBit and I thoroughly enjoyed the contents, and it is visually pleasing, so I kept it. I think this year it will get refilled with Hershey kisses or something like, and given to the kids of a sister I visit teach.

I found the other pair of round-nose pliers (for jewelry making). It is now on top of my coffee table with its twin.

I am going to set the timer and curl up on the couch with my knitting, before the mad scramble to get ready for work. This is going to be a terrific day. I feel it in my [somewhat warmer than they were this time yesterday] bones.

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