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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Foodie Fervor

Yesterday was a much more lively day, in terms of workflow. My attorney was still in trial. I fired off several emails and a voicemail throughout the day. He called me back shortly before 5:00; the jury had been out for an hour. I told him they should toss chocolate into the room.

Hey, I always seem to think more clearly when there is sufficient chocolate in my carburetor.

I felt absolutely terrific (other than being significantly underworked) until lunchtime. All afternoon I was sneezing and honking. We had had much mysterious thumping overhead in the morning. It is an historical building (and, where the elevators are concerned, frequently a hysterical building). I wonder if some Paleolithic dust got knocked into the vents and thence into my airway? In with the pteranodons, out with the brontosaurii. In with the T-rex, out with the triceratops.

I am just fine this morning.

Came home and nuked a big bowl of the potato-leek soup from Monday night. Oh yum! Put in a movie and curled up on the couch with Willow’s sock. I am about halfway down the foot, which means I have another couple of inches to go, and then I can start on the toe decreases. And I think I'm going to do something a little creative when I get to that point. We’ll see.

Had another bowl of soup toward the end of the movie. Woke up an hour ahead of the alarm, feeling a little rumbly because of the leeks. There are two good bowls left in the fridge, and I’ve teased/invited the new guy to come over tomorrow night and help me finish them. I am also planning to make lasagna tonight after work, just to sweeten the pot. It’s probably 68°F here in the living room, and I am delighted at the prospect of cooking/baking all winter to stay warm.

I am scheduled for another drive-by fooding of the missionaries on Saturday night, and I gave the new guy that option as well, recognizing that he probably has plans with one of the other petri dishes. But if he is able to come, then we will have solved the whole chaperone thing, and I can give them a home-cooked meal. And in the meantime, I am having fun saying really good food in my house, don’t you wish you were on the other end of the couch with a bowl in one hand and a spoon in the other?

Heading out to the kitchen now to see if I can cobble together a plausible salad dressing from ingredients on hand. I put some commercial honey Dijon on my salad yesterday, and it was cloyingly sweet.

And then I will check out that hat pattern that Tola recommended. I am in the mood for some knitterly instant gratification. It would be fun to give the elders their warm hats when I give (or take) them dinner on Saturday night.

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Jenni said...

Here's hoping all other petri dishes are on the back burner and you get all the time that you want with him.