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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Having fun on Facebook

Just learned this morning that a dear friend will be moving back to this area soon. Oh, how I love blessings that do not arrive wearing fake glasses and a funny nose and a moustache.

There will be a modicum of dancing at the wedding reception on Saturday. Bride gets the first one, his mom gets the next, and I get the third. Good thing that the other petri will be out of town visiting grandchildren, because it is questionable whether he will have enough energy for a fourth dance. So there is no danger of one of us ladies drawing the short straw and having to sit, smiling politely, on the sidelines.

I did half of the laundry last night, because I was wearing the very last of my clean underwear. I did not take the bag of colored clothes, and it is a good thing I didn’t, because seven of the twenty-three dryers were out of commission. Might be time to think about finding another laundromat. But this one is so close.

My friend Rebecca brought me a Ziploc bag full of laceweight remnants in yummy colors. I think I will have to sit down and rewind them all, not because she did anything wrong, but because I want to see what they feel like flowing through my hands.

I put another two inches or more on the current stealth project. It is in timeout, on the front seat of Lorelai, because one of the DP’s poked me in the cheek as I was getting into the car at the laundromat. So, penalty for roughing the knitter.

I had a wildly productive day at work. Got the last of my attorney’s revised vacation letters out. He is in trial today, so I should be able to help one of my friends get her attorney’s letters out. And also deal with yesterday’s mail, which I barely looked at.

The wedding gift components look great. I still have ends to trim, but I think I will wait until this evening, just to be sure that everything is well and truly dry. I found a gift bag and a card last night, both of them sufficiently non-bland. I will probably save the actual wrapping for Saturday.

Meeting with my visiting teaching companion for a quick bite tonight and to discuss strategy for what remains of the month.

This would appear to be all the news that’s fit to print. Time to see if I can fill the tub without a repeat of Monday morning’s damp shoulder.

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