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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I didn’t know we had a team?

A week or so ago, I noticed that phone number on the back of a landscaping truck. I frantically fished up my bag from the foot-well, keeping my eyes firmly on the road, and rummaged about until I came up with my camera. Alas, my lane surged ahead, and I did not see that truck again.

I was driving home last night, dithering about whether to have a sensible bowl of cereal at home, or another individual pizza at Pie5. And suddenly, to my right, there was the truck! Or another of their trucks. I almost missed it because of the folded-up grate that covered the back doors. So I got around them, and in front of them, and waited patiently, camera in hand, until the road funneled down to two lanes for construction, and they moved over and pulled up alongside. I snapped this without looking and hoped for the best.

Fourthborn and I don’t say that we have ADD (not sure that we do, but we are easily distracted). We say that we have OLS: Oh Look! Shiny!

And guess what, Fourthborn, we have a team, and green trucks! I thought you’d like that.

In knitting news, the stealth wedding project is finished and blocking as we speak. The stealth birthday project is underway once more.

Speaking of weddings, the reason you girls did not see me at that wedding reception last weekend, is because I didn’t get an invitation. My invitation to her shower went to Fourthborn’s house, and I had already made other plans when she told me about it. Heaven only knows what happened to my invitation for the reception. It could be buried in junk mail at the end of the couch, although I’m usually pretty good at dealing with that as it comes in. [Yesterday’s went straight into the recycling, as there was nothing which required shredding.] The past month has been something of a blur.

The new guy had his CT scan yesterday, and I had about half of the office praying for him. He has more tests on Wednesday, and on Friday he meets with hematology, the CT interpreters, and the oncologist, presumably to be given his surgery date. I got to speak with him a little last night. He was very tired but in excellent spirits, a bit abashed at the outpouring of love and support from the single adults.

Well, duh! It’s because he’s a nice guy. If he were a bozo, it would be just him and his mom and maybe his kids praying for him.

Boys are so funny.

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nekokoi said...

i actually was diagnosed with ADHD along with my OCD, SAD, and Manic Depression/BiPolar diagnoses. xD

but yay green trucks for our team!