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Thursday, January 09, 2014

One more spinning plate.

Sleep is just a wee bit erratic at the moment. Nine hours (!) last Friday night. Five to six on a more typical evening. Sometimes my bladder wakes me. Sometimes I've slept funny, and it's my jaw. Sometimes I have kicked off all the covers. And just frequently enough to keep me both hopeful and unbalanced, sometimes I get to sleep and wake up like a normal person.

I'll wait while you stop snickering.

During my lunch hour yesterday I started entering information into TurboTax for 2013. It is a whole lot less complicated than last year, in part because the sheer volume of paperwork is significantly reduced. I have three fat manila envelopes of supporting documentation for 2012. I have two slim envelopes for 2013. I could probably cram it all into one fat envelope and be done with it, but having it divided has made it easier to pull something back out if I needed to.

Anyway, I discovered that I made a small error on last year's return. I either entered $42 of expense that I shouldn't, or I should have entered $742. Either way, I will have to file an amended return. It would be really cool if I got back the $191 I sent them last year. Or maybe a little more. And it won't break the bank if it's the other way around.

I'm not done entering items on Schedule A, but it looks like I will get a refund this year. If so, it will go into savings to build my emergency fund. I had thought that I might want to buy a doll to celebrate paying off the line of credit for the second time in two years. For the moment, I do not.

I want to build on the progress I made last year while transitioning into the new, old filing status. Last year I used the life insurance to pay the mortgage so I could use my earnings to pay off the line of credit. Obviously that could not go on forever. This year I want to continue living very simply, refining my spreadsheet and improving my budgeting skills.

I have two short vacations planned: a trip to Nauvoo, and one to visit Tan. I am starting to think about where I want to go in 2015.

I've also spent some time this week working on the RS lesson for Sunday. I'm excited to be teaching again, if only as a substitute. And since I've cut back the massages to every other week (yay for progress!!!) I think I will resume going to the temple on alternate Thursdays. Starting tonight.

I love how the Lord teaches me a little at a time, as I'm ready. When I lived in Arlington and Fort Worth, the doctor and dentist were more or less on the way to work. I would go in the morning. Now that I live in Garland, it makes more sense to go in the late afternoon. And now that I go to Arlington most Tuesdays for Knit Night, it makes sense to schedule my appointments for Tuesday afternoons. I rescheduled my first dental cleaning of 2014 accordingly. I will keep this in mind when I schedule next year's well woman. Too much hassle to reschedule this year's, and I didn't want to put it off any longer. The one next month should have taken place last summer. Fall at the latest.

My sister's cowl is approaching completion. The Christmas tree is nearly undecorated. And it's almost time to make the birthday cards for February.

You wanna give that plate another spin as you walk by?

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