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Friday, January 31, 2014


The concert was fantastic. Beloved would have loved it. You have not lived until you've heard "Greensleeves" in the style of Earl Scruggs. Afterwards I had a chance to speak with the banjo player.

ME: That was amazing! I bought a banjo last year.

HIM: I'm so sorry! (big grin)

ME: I live in Garland, and -

HIM: So do I!

ME: I was hoping you could recommend a teacher.

HIM: I can. I recommend me!

Y'all, he lives five minutes away. It would be like taking dance from Gene Kelly. Or a writing workshop with Orson Scott Card. Or knitting lessons from EZ.

A few words about the venue. Loved it. The Renzo Piano addition to the Kimbell Museum. Seats are narrower than at the Winspear Opera House where I saw "Carmen" last fall. Leg room is vastly better. Seats are upholstered in red. Acoustics are warm and intimate.

So very very glad that I went. It's quite a hike on a work night but well worth it. My knee didn't screech once on the drive home.

When the student is ready...

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Kristen said...

Excited for you! I'd love to hear their version of Greensleeves!