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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Yay! for 1:00 church!!!!!

It's my favorite shift in the rotation. I don't have short people who need naps. I get to have a leisurely morning and then go worship. I can still sneak in a nap, either before church or when I get home.

Today I will be sustained in a new calling. It's a dangerous thing, being friends with a member of the bishopric. I ran there Monday night for a blessing after the news about LittleBit. And he grinned and said, "While I have a captive audience..."

And I said, "Oh cr*p, are you going to complicate my life again with a new calling? Is this instead of, or in addition to? And I warn you, if it's Primary, the answer is not only no but HELL no."

It's in addition to. And intermittent. And will be fun. (Well, at least for *me*.) That's all I'll say for now. He had just unclogged my vacuum cleaner. I could hardly tell him no. Even if it *had* been Primary.

It is now later. I have been sustained by the congregation and set apart for the calling. After which I reminded him, "You know this was my original calling in the ward*, until you yanked me out into the Primary, and now I've come full circle." Implying, of course, that he could have just left me there and saved me a lot of confusion and frustration. To which he replied, "Yes, but now you have new experiences and perspective to bring to the calling."

*Oh yeah. Forgot to mention. Substitute RS Teacher. And I'm teaching next Sunday. I wasn't a substitute before. It was a regular monthly calling.

I quipped that it seems to me that the assistant librarian calling is chiefly to ensure that I will be on time for sacrament meeting. And this one to ensure that I will read the RS lesson every month. He said that was one way to look at it.

He's going to be a great bishop someday.

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