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Saturday, October 24, 2009

*Huge* sigh of relief.

Huge. I’ve been grinning since Wednesday: so nice to know that Cuprit is once more on shipping, though the tracking number no longer works. (Fourthborn, have they given you a new one? I tried last night and got a rather snarky error message.)

Even though I drove in to work yesterday, just in case she was delivered, the trip was not wasted; I took Fourthborn the money for Beyla and took her and Fiancé home from work while having a brief but enjoyable chat.

OK, we now need to pray for a dry spell once Cuprit arrives, so that we can do her faceup. If it’s too humid, the fixative or sealant doesn’t work properly. And speaking of dry spells or the lack thereof, I got a text from Middlest while at work on Thursday morning.

“Flooding in Fort Worth! You okay? It was on CNN.”

“Presumably yes. Hang on. …[typety-type, typety-type] … Nothing on web or in FW Star Telegram. Levees between river & most of FW. I am uphill from Cultural District & park where you got lost.”

“OK just wanted to make sure.”

“[Co-worker] says flood stage [for the Trinity River, which runs through both Dallas and Fort Worth] is 30 ft & it’s @ 32. Isolated flooding in BigD so maybe also in FW.”

“Definitely in FW. Saw it on CNN. Waist deep where they were showing footage and cause it isn’t local news, they didn’t say where exactly.”

Must have been a slow news day on Thursday. Here are some beautiful, brilliant, inspired images. Grab the box of Puffs first. [Proving that even though there may be localized flooding, Somebody is still definitely in charge.]

I had a possible brainstorm yesterday, after seeing a jewelry form/bust in an article in the fall issue of Cloth/Paper/Scissors/Studios: paper clay @ Michael’s to make jewelry forms to display doll necklaces. Lightweight, can be sculpted, nontoxic, requires no baking or firing, can be painted. I may pick up a brick of clay while I’m out and about today.

Last but certainly not least: happy birthday, Fourthborn!

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Jenni said...

That's like when we lived in FL and every hurricane meant concern even if it was on the other coast.