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Friday, October 30, 2009

Speed mentoring, part one

We have our speed mentoring activity at work today. I’m on the committee. We spent the afternoon yesterday, decorating the various office spaces where the mentoring will take place.

Then I went to Secondborn’s and had a bite of yummy eggplant parmigiana and borrowed her cowboy hat. (New photo on Facebook, shown below; I look somewhat startled but definitely working that hat.) Because we can’t do speed mentoring in Texas unless we all look like cowboys and cowgirls, and I don’t own a pair of boots [pronounced bee-yutes, only very fast] or a pearl-snap shirt.

I had great fun making this poster. I had even more fun a few days ago, looking up information on the Texas Panhandle via Wikipedia. We discovered that we could not get the images I chose small enough to use the overhead projector for tracing them onto the poster board, so I rescaled them for the poster printer, but it kept messing up. I eventually upsized all the elements and printed them off using the color printer and used some of my favorite scrapbooking techniques to come up with a plausible poster. It still looked a little bare, so I grabbed a black gel pen and freehanded a strand of bob-wahr. Click to embiggen.




And one of my favorite places, Amarillo, where they held a blizzard in our honor during our four-day move down from Utah.

Ms. Ravelled, in Secondborn’s hat.

I look as startled as if you had just told me that I was pregnant with twins.


Tan said...

What the hayuck is speed mentoring?

Bonnie said...

Hey, that was MY nightmare!