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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Why, yes, my adrenal system works just fine, thank you!

How do I know this, you ask? Because my desk is right under the loudspeaker which goes off during a fire drill, and before I went up front to keep an ear on the phones, I had to push my heart down out of my throat.

Other than that, it was another truly lovely fall day in Texas. Temperature 83°F at quitting time. I drove to the Richland Hills station in the morning so I could play at the fabric stores on my way home.

The great thing about sewing doll clothing is that a “falling-down” in the fabric store is not a budget wrecker. I came home with six yards of tulle, two yards of gimp [a trim, not a slur], and a spool of silk thread for $13 and change. Eminently affordable.

On Monday I texted Trainman: “drove in want a ride to your car tonight?” He didn’t read the message until much later that evening. On Tuesday I texted him from the Hawaiian BBQ place: “having a great meal wish you were here” [more on that meal in a minute]. Last night I was sitting on the train when my phone went off. Him, laughing at how he had been instantly hungry for BBQ when he got my text. He had driven in; did I want a ride home? I did.

So I gathered up my bags and hopped off the train about a minute before it was due to pull out, and I walked back through the station and waited on a bench in front. Nobody bothered me as I waited. I was brandishing size 13 knitting needles as I worked on the umpteenth incarnation of Willow’s scarf, which might be finished in time for her 23rd birthday, next year. I keep making it too wide and having to frog it back to the cast-on and try again.

[Swatches? We don’t need no stinkin’ swatches!]

Great visit. He drove me up to Richland Hills, even though it was out of his way, and he is emailing me a great shot of him with his son. I’ll put it up with the rogues’ gallery on my desk at work and let people talk. I would have one of Brother Sushi up there, too, but he has ninja stealth when it comes to dodging cameras.

So what did I eat on Tuesday night? The salmon plate, which is available in small and large. You know how you go to Starbucks for a hot cocoa or some other beverage, and a tall is a small? Well, at L&L Hawaiian BBQ, the small is somewhere between a medium and a large, and the large is at least two meals’ worth. My salmon was perfectly cooked: done all the way through but still juicy and tender and perfectly seasoned. My rice was suitably sticky, and the macaroni salad was every bit as good as I remembered.

Trainman is taking himself there this weekend and will report back to me next week. And we have tentatively set a day for our next breakfast at Chef Point Cafe. It will depend upon whether he has to buy new tires for his car, and how much wiggle room there is in my budget on payday after doing my impression of a responsible adult.

Drat! now I’m hungry. Time to rustle up some breakfast.

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Jenni said...

I am boring and suburban because breakfast for me usually means grabbing a Bagelful (long skinny bagel tube already stuffed with cream cheese) and eating it at my desk a couple of hours later when it has thawed and / or I remember about it in the first place.