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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What I did yesterday - and into this morning

1. Washed dishes.
2. Put the printer up on a wire shelf.
3. Made a PBJ.
4. Watched an episode of Ace of Cakes.
5. Cleaned off the couch.
6. Browsed a copy of This Old House and then put it into the recycling bag.
7. Pressed the ribbon that tied up my bag from Coldwater Creek [new plum shirt to spill food on when I went to lunch with NintendoMan earlier this week] and stitched it into a hoochie-mama skirt for one of Fourthborn’s dolls.

9. Ate some cookie dough.
10. Washed more dishes.
11. Wrapped Fourthborn’s birthday presents; tossed the hoochie-mama skirt into the bag. It needs a fastener at the waist, and it needs the little strap that will become built-in bloomers tacked at the back of the skirt, but I’m going to let her adjust the fit.

12. Put away the stuff I used to make the skirt.
13. Cannibalized my favorite red T-shirt for doll clothes and split it three ways.
14. Started a new pile of stuff to send to Middlest.
15. Watched another episode [or three] of Ace of Cakes.
16. Hung up the last of the clean clothes from in the fridge.
17. Hung up the laundry bag.
18. Cut out the dusty plum underskirt for Jessica and/or Cuprit but did not make it as full as the one for Fourthborn’s doll.
19. Made a pot of egg and lemon soup, but also wanted some spinach, so when I cooked the rice, I threw in a block of frozen spinach. [This was done by a skilled stunt cook; do not attempt this at home.]
20. Stitched up the back seam of the underskirt while the soup cooked.
21. Threw in a can of chicken chunks and the rest of the chicken stock. Called it egg and lemon casserole. Not the prettiest meal I have ever cooked, but reasonably tasty. Last time I made the soup, I put in too much lemon juice. This time, not quite enough.
22. Bound the top edge of the underskirt using SeamsGreat and threaded a length of skinny cream double-faced satin ribbon through it. It’s too long and not full enough at the bottom; I need to pick Fourthborn’s brain on what to do to make it better.
23. Finished watching Ace of Cakes.
24. Mended the edge of an afghan belonging to Fourthborn’s FiancĂ©’s mom. It got seriously chomped while in storage. It’s vintage yarn, so no way of matching it, plus it’s crocheted. So I just built a little cage around the chomping using strip after strip of SeamsGreat, which is pretty much invisible even if my stitches aren’t.
25. Went to bed at 1:00am feeling happier about my living room than I have in awhile, and having not spoken to another living soul all day, but ready to change that.

What happens today:
1. Breakfast at Chef Point Cafe with Trainman. I am dressed and ready to rumble [my tummy has already begun].
2. Trip to Arlington to deliver the mended afghan.
3. Haircut, oh please, haircut!!!
4. Hook up the scanner?
5. If so, scan and shred the paperwork here on my desk.
6. Birthday card for Fourthborn.
7. Study Sunday School lesson and Relief Society lesson.
8. Figure out the rest of my sister’s birthday present and get it ready to mail on Monday.
9. Find the box of checks or order new ones; this might really be the last bundle of blanks.
10. Take scarves to the dry cleaner.
11. 12. Wash the lights and the darks.
12. 11. Go to bank. Get quarters, just in case. I need that fridge space for more carrot sticks.
13. Eat chocolate.
14. Don’t worry.
15. Be happy. ☺

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nekokoi said...

Ace of Cakes is totally addictive! it's so hard to stop watching it, i wish there was more out on DVD. xD

and that little blue skirt is adorable! i can't wait to close it off and put it on one of my girls (most likely Bea) xD