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Friday, October 09, 2009

I’m not the only one with a missing dolly.

(In case you think that life at a law firm is boring, here is a recent email exchange.)

Attorney A, to the office at large:
My trial dolly is still missing. It hasn’t called or written, so I can only assume it is being held against its will.

Me, to Attorney A (only):
I think I heard it say that it was running off to join the French Foreign Legion.

Attorney B, to the office at large:
Do you have a recent photo? Have you tried putting up flyers?

One thing to keep in mind. You have to be open to the idea that the dolly may have voluntarily left you. These things happen. You grow distant. You don’t remember important anniversaries. The next thing you know, your dolly is heading to trial with another attorney. In that case, you have to accept your dolly’s wishes and move on. Just remember the good times you guys had and treasure those memories.

Wow. Trumped, and by an attorney no less. [But I’d bet the rent that my missing dolly cost more than Attorney A’s dolly and is a whale of a lot cuter.]

I ate the Sun Chips [but I did not shoot the deputy, though I considered it].

No, I am not dieting. To quote Richard Simmons, the first word in diet is “die”. But I am trying to make small changes. What I wanted was a ginormous double chocolate muffin, at 50 gazillion calories and who knows how many fat grams or mg of sodium. What I bought was this. More fiber, 210 calories, and 240 mg of sodium.

You’re welcome, ankles.

This is our can-collecting initiative, midway through week #5. One more reason to love the folks I work with. Our goal is to fill a truck with cans and boxes for the food pantry. The stated goal was four cans of an item, per person, per week. Some of our people are bringing a case per week.

In honor of Lark’s 16th birthday [yesterday], here is a link to an exposition on the story of the brother of Jared, and the 16 stones.

I went into Whirled Fibers after work last night and came home with this:

The Hempathy is for a sweater to go with the tie skirt. I attached the facing last night and took it right back off again; it was too bulky and awkward, and it skewed the hang of the skirt. So now I am doing a variation on a hand-rolled hem, and it is going slowly but is far more pleasing to the eye.

The pink and brown Panda Superwash is for my favorite lawyer’s baby, whose arrival is imminent. I don’t have enough of this to make a wee sweater, so I am thinking a cap, booties, and mitts. Quite possibly just booties, depending upon my level of patience. Any leftover yarn will go into the doll sweater stash.

This is a Brother Sushi Friday, and it’s his nickel tonight. I wonder where we’re eating?

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