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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Chili and cornbread. No, we didn't save you any.

I messaged Middlest just before leaving the office building, "Shall we have chili tonight?" Immediate response was, "Yes, that sounds delightful," with a big smiley face for emphasis. So we opened up the small vat of chili that we brought home from Costco (took me forever to get the blasted lid off), and I set it to simmer while stirring up a batch of corn muffins. Once that was in the oven, Middlest unloaded the dishwasher and stirred the pot, then I went into the kitchen and fed the dishwasher with everything that had piled up since breakfast yesterday. (We rinse and stack. It's not like an episode of Hoarders.) By the time the muffins were done, the chili was hot.

1 empty red latte cup + 1 cup of incredibly good chili + 1 split corn muffin = culinary peace on earth, goodwill to digestion. We had enough leftovers to fill five small containers for future lunches with a muffin in a baggie for each serving, and two muffins in two additional baggies for random snacks.

Knit only marginally happened today, and when I log off here, I will probably grab the wrapping paper and wrap the last of the Christmas gifts. Or I may do that after work tomorrow night. I'm feeling uncharacteristically relaxed, and I may just go to bed instead.

I volunteered myself for one of the committees next year: quarterly secretarial meeting. Have sent out the first Doodle invitation. I love Doodle. Not as much as I love spreadsheets, but quite a bit.

Middlest spent the day with Mel and Squishy, always enjoyable for all. Squishy will pick up Middlest on Friday and deposit my kid at the college to meet with a counselor and (hopefully) get registered for classes.

Yup. Nodded off for a moment at the end of that sentence. Bed it is.

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