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Monday, December 05, 2016

Mandatory fun.

SemperFi's word for it. I completely forgot, until I got to work, that we were having the office team-building outing and Christmas activity, a reprise of last year's bowling. I was smart enough this year to opt out of the actual bowling* and spent my time cheering my friends on, eating mediocre pimiento cheese and indifferent guacamole with Ritz crackers. (That will give my anti-cholesterol meds something to talk about.)

Came home long enough to eat a bagel and shmear, then dashed out again to Half Price Books, hoping to find something for the boy-grands. Scored half a dozen "Who Was" books for BittyBubba and one of the suggestions for Bittiest, then drove across the highway to B&N to see if I could find one of the others. Bingo, and at a much better price than the book I got him last year.

I just spent half an hour or so looking up and printing off pedigrees for the three "Who Was"-es to whom I am related. I'll enclose those with the relevant books.

Middlest's migraine appears to be easing slightly. When I got home tonight, all the lights were on in that bedroom (as opposed to it being lit only by the nightlight as it has been for the past two or three days).

I have to submit mileage for the field trip today. What a lot of paperwork for a four-mile round trip. $2.16, less taxes. I was mildly amused to learn that the mileage rate for business is $0.54 per mile, while medical mileage is $0.19 per mile, and charitable mileage is $0.14 per mile. Mammon appears to be winning by (dare I say it?) a mile.

Yesterday, while cleaning out my inbox, I managed to save a dozen or more spinach recipes to Pinterest. I think my body is trying to tell me something. Meanwhile, I am having a small bowl of mashed potatoes as a cushion for all the meds I'll be taking in less than half an hour to land on.

Feeling quietly happy, quietly tired, and quietly grateful for a day that was 99% pure pleasure.

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Tan said...

By a mile, haha!