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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Too good not to share.

MovieMom’s interview with the stepson of C.S. Lewis.

Have done my morning stint at the church, bagging up more gold coins for tonight’s activity. And I just realized I should not have been swigging down eggnog (cut with milk) nor eating cottage cheese for lunch, if I want to have any kind of a voice tonight. Looks as if I will just have to be content to make a joyful noise.

We have transformed the cultural hall [gym] into a reasonable facsimile of Bethlehem’s marketplace. There are a tailor shop, a place for somebody to run the shell game, other games for the children to play, food vendors. Hang on while I go get my admission fee: a can of something non-perishable. It would not do for a member of the activities committee to arrive without tribute for Caesar. Caesar and his centurions will load up the chariots and take it all to the night shelter, later.

I have my costume, though I did not remember until this morning that a woman of good breeding would keep her head covered. [I suppose it would not do to show up as a harlot, right?] So I have divested Mehitabel (my dressmaker dummy) of one of my belly-dancing hip scarves, which has lots of jingly bits, and will drape that suitably about my head.

Continued progress on Willow’s sock. And I did some of my visiting teaching this morning. When I came home, I made up the rest of the goodie bags to take on my other visits, and I have some things to send to my sister in Seattle, although I still have no idea what to give as her main present, and time is becoming of the essence. I need to get her box in the mail by half-past Wednesday or so.

Had better have another mug of virgin eggnog whilst pondering what to do.

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Rorek said...

Please tell me that there is photographic evidence of your costumer. I'm in giggle-fits over your being a proper woman, with a belly dancing scarf around your head.