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Saturday, November 19, 2016

New doll

Joy arrived at work on Wednesday. I had fun dressing her at lunch, after switching her human feet out for sheepie hooves. Here she is with the stapler, which she appears to be trying to heft one-handed while appealing for help.

This is a close-up, showing both her elfie ears and her sheepie ears. And the leggings with tiny bells.

Here she is at home, having ousted Middlest's doll October from the papa-san chair and relieved Chutzpah of her bear. (Grace is still hanging out half-dressed in the studio, waiting for me to finish her dress.)

I awoke today with every intention of finishing Grace's dress, or at least creating the lace which will finish off the hem of the collar. I got as far as shuffling things around in my studio, liberating the large rolling chair to use at my sewing machine, and determining that #30 crochet cotton is not fine enough to make lace in the proper scale for a Pukifee dress.

I bought groceries, and I picked up what I need for my Secret Santa gifts. Also a piece of sheep folk art and some blindingly white #80 crochet cotton. And nuked a sweet potato, which I split with Middlest for the main part of our dinner. And discovered after slicing up the goodies to go in our salad, that both the baby spinach and the mixed greens were no longer edible. So, two of the weirder salads I've made, ever.

It's nearly 10:00. Just enough time for me to clear off my bed, take my meds, and dive under the covers. The house has been a comfortable 68-69 degrees all day. I suspect I'll sleep like a rock.

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Tan said...

Do the elf ears come off if you just want sheep ears?