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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Not much to report here.

Fourthborn is spending the weekend with us, and we've invited her to stay through tomorrow night and to go to the office with me on Tuesday, as Middlest does, and hang out in the atrium while I slave over a hot keyboard. After which we'll go to Knit Night and take her home.

It's been a rough week, with welcome intermittent bright spots. We three are stunned-to-appalled that the election went the way it did. I have hope that good people, some moderate and some conservative, will be appointed to the Supreme Court. I am reluctantly appreciative that the POTUS-elect is emulating Presidents Kennedy and Hoover in abstaining from his salary. That is the first classy move I've seen from a man I've cordially despised for decades.

(When the Church does a complimentary search of his genealogy, I will probably discover that he is some sort of cousin. I'm related to most of the former presidents, righteous or rascal. But we all have family connections that are a little unnerving or downright embarrassing. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that I am related to some of the Missouri mobbers in Joseph Smith's day. I had family in that part of Missouri at that time. And I would imagine they were surprised to get on the other side and discover that they'd fought against a true prophet of God. But I digress.)

I am wryly amused at the folks who said that a vote for a third-party candidate would be a vote for Hillary. I was hoping against hpe for enough of a turnout among the independents that it would go to the House, and maybe they would pull a moderate out of the hat. (The day of miracles is not past.) I didn't care which party.

I am concerned about some of the hate speech voiced by his more obnoxious followers. Especially for those who asked on Tumblr "what are we going to name the Mormon holocaust?" Dudes! Do you not realize that we are the designated drivers for conservatism, and for those among us who are impassioned liberals, of the stamp that is not so open-minded that their brains have fallen out? I am concerned that the loonies on both ends of the political spectrum will see this election as an opportunity to drive the last nails into the coffin of civility.

Given that at least two of my kids, and I, take medicines to keep our personal demons muzzled, I have to wonder if we fall under the umbrella of "those who would be better off dead": the mentally ill, the gay, the members of religious minorities.

So my reading and pondering for Sunday School this week has been a lifeline to peace and sanity. We reviewed 3 Nephi 27-30 and 4 Nephi, which were the scriptures that began my testimony and conversion. I love the Lord's promise of peace, not as the world giveth, but peace nonetheless. And His promise to protect us, or avenge us, as need be.

I guess I had something to say after all.

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