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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Princess and the P

Quarterly bloodwork yesterday, and when my doctor asked how my feet were doing, I said my feet were doing fine but my ankles not so much. In spite of all the sleeping last weekend, the left cankle has remained more cankle-y than usual. I pulled up both pant legs, displaying bright red bands of crabbiness and significant swelling on the left. She pushed gently with her thumbs (it didn't hurt), looked up and said we should try a diuretic.

"Bumex?" I queried, as that was what my mother was on at one time.

"Bumex is way stronger than you need. You'd pee like a racehorse. No, this is a mild diuretic. We'll try it fora month and see how that goes."

I have to take it in the morning or risk waking up all night to the call of nature. Took my first dose at 11:11 yesterday morning. Middlest observed, "It's the magic hour. Make a wish."

"I wish the swelling in my ankles would go away."

"No, Mom, that's what the medicine's for."

I took my second dose at 6:00 this morning, and I weighed myself when I got to work. I'd already lost 3-4 pounds since weighing in at my doctor's yesterday. I spent much of yesterday sprinting to the loo, or holding it and praying like made the last few miles before we reached whatever destination. (I did two round trips to Arlington yesterday.) The kids are used to me hitting the loo before we leave the house and as soon as we get home, but yesterday it was like every 45 minutes to an hour. Today has been easier on my shoes and my kidneys. I am now lugging a case of bottled water in the space behind the driver's seat, and I've drunk well over half a gallon today alone.

Time to grab my bottle of water, take my evening meds, and hope that I've wound down enough to sleep before 11:00. Middlest and I watched "Secondhand Lions" tonight, which helped us both immensely. I am not ready to talk about the election yet.

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