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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A hell of a day in the neighborhood.

You're still welcome to be my neighbor. Made it to work on time, endured a two hour staff meeting, and actually got quite a bit of stuff done. On the way home, stopped at JoAnn's to look for foldover elastic for one of Middlest's projects. Nothing that would suit. It was either pastel, glittery, or ruffled, and it's needed for a waistband for an Iplehouse EID male doll. From there to Braum's for milk, orange juice, and more buttermilk. Then gas for the Tardis. Then home to an agitated Middlest, who has had nothing but one roadblock after another today in terms of things at school.

So I've mentioned that there was a technical issue, and none of the students were able to log on. Then we found out today that the bookstore told Middlest to buy the wrong edition of a textbook, and while the key to the one we bought works, it does not play well with the class website. And the music appreciation class requires attending at least one classical concert (I've found a perfect one: local and affordable), which is not unreasonable but turned out to be One More Thing.

Squishy is going to schlepp Middlest to school tomorrow, try to help get the textbook thing straightened out, get my kid to the math test because tomorrow is absolutely the last day, and pick Middlest up after geology class for some quality time.

Middlest just called out that the school website is down, so there's no way to do homework. I think this calls for another handful of cookies.

I have another @#$% meeting tomorrow morning, and I'm that committee's driver, although the office manager will be running the show as we discuss what needs to be added to our PRTs (performance review standards) and what can come off this year.

There is some genuinely good news. The second Fetching just needs its thumb, then the ends woven in. I can slip it onto my friend's desk tomorrow morning before she gets into the office.

Right, then. Cookies first, knitting next, and maybe an early bedtime. The sun'll come up tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar. And maybe Middlest's luck as well.

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