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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Good Sabbath!

I took the last of my antibiotics today. I resumed taking antihistamines last night. Tomorrow (I am off work), I'll take all of my regular medicines to the corner of happy and healthy, as that pharmacy is on the preferred list, while the one I've used for roughly 20 years is not, and have them transfer the prescriptions and request a refill on the one for cholesterol. I took the last one of those tonight. I don't know if my doctor's office will be open tomorrow, but skipping that particular medicine for one night should not be a huge issue.

Today my grudging patience was rewarded. I began reading the new chronological Bible. It doesn't have the poetry of the KJV, but the footnotes frequently refer to the Hebrew and Syriac versions, from whence we get the poetry. Took a few notes on my reading in it and in today's chapter of the Book of Mormon. Tomorrow I will hie myself to Half Price Books for a new journal, which will be used exclusively for scripture notes, inspiration, counsel from the Lord as to how each day's reading applies to me, etc.

I am thoroughly enjoying a book that has been waiting patiently in the bookcase for me to get around to it: "The Simeon Solution" by Anne Osborn Poelman. It's 20+ years old and presumably out of print. It tells of her conversion, her growth in faith and testimony, and how she handles things that could become spiritual stumbling blocks, but aren't. This was Beloved's first wife's book, given to her by her mother, and it will go to the boys when I'm done savoring it.

I'm planning to read a little in the Gordon B. Hinckley bio before bedtime. Knit has not happened, yet, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.

The best thing that happened today? Bitty-Bit is now in Young Women's, and I made it to sacrament meeting in their ward in time to see her presented to the congregation. They do things a little differently in Secondborn's ward: in my ward, and most of the wards that I've lived in, the graduate has to recite a favorite Article of Faith. (Wisely, most of them plead the First.) Her Bishop teased her a little, that she was going to recite the Thirteenth, backward. Her eyes got huge as saucers, then she shook her head no.

I love that kid.

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