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Monday, January 30, 2017

Tea for four.

As I breezed past her desk this morning, a friend flagged me down and handed me a box with this tea set inside. Exercising commendable restraint, I only peeked inside and went straight to work. After I had locked down my computer for lunch, I opened the box and took this picture. The large plates are 3.5" in diameter. The smaller plates are 2.5" in diameter. The cups are 2" in diameter, outside edge to outside edge.

The cutlery charms that I bought a few months ago are too small to go with the big plates but just about right for the smaller ones. Middlest and I calculate that everything is in perfect scale for my large (SD) dolls, and that the MSDs could use the smaller plates as dinner plates and the teacups as latte cups. For them, the teapot would be oversized and suitable only for stuffing a dormouse into.

We went to Costco tonight to pick up contacts for Middlest, but they were out of stock and should arrive in two or three days. While there we picked up various things that I hadn't seen when I was there last week. Then we went to Kroger to get things that Costco doesn't carry.

I've been craving salad for two or three weeks, but not enough to remember to buy the ingredients. Tonight we remedied that. Small salads for dinner, because the only clean dishes were latte cups, and then I decanted that ginormous bag of baby carrots into snack bags so that we just have to grab and go. The dishwasher has been fed and is quietly sloshing in the kitchen.

Got my envelopes mailed out for visiting teaching and reported it to the RS. Ordinarily I send out my letters earlier in the month, but most months aren't like the one that Middlest and I just experienced.

In all of the shuffling around over the weekend, I found the January issue of The Ensign. Read a few articles before bedtime last night and am about to do the same tonight, after moving the tea set to a safe and stable location.

Night, y'all.

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