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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"Please, cat, stop bringing me any more dead mice."

"Some days it's just a couple of 'presents' and some days it covers the whole @#$% doormat." Thus spake the Middlest, although there was a tender mercy via email one night last week. My kid was not the only one to be sold the wrong textbook, and the professor sent a link to the old edition that will be manually accessible. Manually. *snort*

Transferring from the college in Virginia to the one here in Texas has been one headache after another. Just when we think we have everything sorted out, their server crashes, or we get confusing information from financial aid. Middlest got that clarified today. All the money went where it was supposed to go. The problem was a coding error.

Middlest rode the bus home today. Two buses, actually, and is very pleased with the quality of service. And the geology class is going well.

I'm working on another Frankensock. Pretty sure that I mentioned that yesterday. I added an inch or so to the cuff at Knit Night. I've been riffing off Boonstra's baby sock pattern, and the last dozen pairs or so I've done mirrored spiraling toes, completely eliminating the need for kitchenering or using a three-needle bind-off at the toes. Forty stitches makes five sections of eight, decreasing down to two stitches per section immediately after doing the last round of decreases.

Middlest started the laundry this evening. I've got a load of whites in the dryer and half of the darks in the washer, because I figured socks, Middlest's underwear, and my work shirts were the most crucial items. I was completely out of socks this morning, so I wore knee highs under my slacks and fought creeping pant hems all day. When I got into my jammies, one of the knee highs was at half mast from all of my fidgeting.

Fourthborn sent me a link to a YouTube video of a woman who constructs doll dishes from paper. I'm going to turn the volume way down on the computer and take a listen. Yes, I know I could go into my room and open the box with the headphones, but I don't have quite that much ambition.

Later, gators.

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