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Thursday, February 02, 2017

All that, and a free TV.

Today was pretty consistently good. Work went well. The diversity and inclusion presentation put on by corporate, on Black History Month, was fascinating and touching. Six or seven individuals shared stories of their experiences, or their ancestors' experiences. I am so thankful that I was not raised to be prejudiced, but to take people one at a time, as individuals, and I'm grateful for church doctrine that emphasizes our Divine parentage and gives us tools to beat our swords (personal weaknesses) into plowshares (compassion and Christlike love).

Middlest's contacts were ready, so I dashed (metaphorically, if not literally) up to Costco after work, blitzed through Daiso for two bags with llama motifs, a small box that will make a good bookcase for the dolls, and some brightly colored rubber bands to corral my yarn balls. Brought all of that home, delighting Middlest, and we went off to pick up my Rx and the Otter Box for Middlest's phone. Did I mention last night that they gave us a $200 coupon for a TV, and we did not have enough spoons to figure out which ones matched the available SKUs? We took that coupon in with us, and we walked out with a 32" smart TV.

Middlest will set up the old TV and VHR/DVD player in my studio, and I will give my kid the VHR/DVD player that was my 10th anniversary gift from corporate. So I guess I will no longer be able to say, "I don't even own a TV."

I was dragging all morning, a physical and emotional hangover from last night. By lunch I was feeling pretty OK, and the diversity event ran until 3:00, which made quick work of the afternoon.

If I post now, I have a fairly decent chance of being in bed before 10:00 and asleep well before 10:30. The Frankensock is coming along (I'm mostly done with the gusset decreases), but I'm not even tempted to stay up and finish it.

Good grief. I appear to be turning into a grownup.

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