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Monday, February 20, 2017

"Mais monseiur, comme vous êtes compliqué!"

Translation: Sir, you are so ... complicated. (The French equivalent of the South's bless your heart!) Taken from a blog post by (Ms.) Max Daniels, a discovery via Mason Dixon Knitting. Caveat: on her blog there is Language. So I take what I need and leave the rest, as she advises.

I think I shall repeat this to myself every time a certain attorney gets wound up because of trial preparation.

Also, Fourthborn told me how to begin to set up shields to keep me from absorbing other people's stuff.

Pretty decent day at work. Excellent lunch with some of the attorneys, because an attorney who left our office for Corporate Law at the mother ship was back in town on business. We went to a really good steak place in the West End, and I had a small, perfect filet mignon while everybody else had some sort of salad festooned with steak or chicken. I did have a small, perfect side salad to go with my steak, and a mound of very dense mashed potatoes. We all had the banana pudding for dessert, and it was excellent, and it may have had a splash of bourbon baked into it. Could have been rum; that would go well with the bananas.

It wasn't like the time I had dinner with Br. Sushi and the cherries jubilee were insufficiently flambéed and I inadvertently got a little buzzed.

Pretty sure that alcohol does not mix with several of my medications, so it's a good thing that I no longer drink.

Also, I frogged the doll sweater (the hat is now perfect) and cast on with the larger needles I used for the crown of the doll hat, and I'm nearly to the armscye.

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