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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I meant to post this yesterday.

Part of my duty as ward sacrament meeting chorister is to deliver the proposed music to the bishopric and the person in charge of printing the bulletin for Sunday. We've had a dear woman serving in that capacity since I moved into the ward five and a half years ago. She was recently released in order to accept another calling. Various brethren are taking turns being in charge of the bulletin. I'm updating my distribution list every two or three weeks it seems.

I sent out the music through the first Sunday in July a week or two ago. Then I was informed that the Relief Society is singing a special number next Sunday. I updated my spreadsheet and sent a revised email to the current list of usual suspects.

Yesterday I got an email from a member of the bishopric, saying that there had maybe been some wires crossed, because the Young Women were supposedly singing a song they'd learned at Girls Camp. Could we have both groups sing?

This was my (somewhat irreverent) response: "Why don't we let the RS and the YW thumb wrestle? I don't have a dog in this hunt. I just need to know who's singing what, when, so we don't sing the same things over and over and over again, and so that whoever is in charge of the program** has the latest and greatest information. Let me know what y'all, or the sisters, decide so I may update my spreadsheet accordingly. Thanks!"

Yeah. I did. The good brother in the bishopric responded an hour or so later that another member of the bishopric said that the YW were not prepared to sing, so let's just leave it with the RS.

To which I replied: OK, thanks!

**The reason I am sharing this is because I swyped my response on my phone. I love swype. Except every so often it offers a guess that is nowhere near what I thought I was typing. In this case, it thought "program" was "org@sm". I'm really glad that I proofread my emails before sending them!!!

When I shared this with my kids, Fourthborn quipped, "Well, music is supposed to make you happy!"

Middlest retorted, "I love music, and it's never made me that happy!"

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