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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Matzoh me, matzoh me mucho...

So, the kosher Tom Thumb over by the temple is my new best friend. I came home with two boxes of matzoh: one whole wheat, and one interestingly named tea matzoh, pictured with a dollop of whipped cream on it.

My wonderful whole grain saltines have grains on my don’t list. I gave them to a friend at work. I also bequeathed the half-bottle of ranch dressing to another friend. And the last two tablespoons of edamame hummus got pitched [along with a wee hissy-fit] on Friday, because they contain canola oil. Which means, I guess, that if I want edamame hummus I shall have to make it myself.

The new guy printed off his copy of the PDF and pulled it out of his pocket when we went to the restaurant. I was hoping to get a baked potato, but they are not on the menu where we ate. While I was talking to the waiter, the new guy was comparing the menu to the PDF, and he came up with two options. I ended up with a Caribbean(ish) salad, minus the pineapple, plus half an avocado, and spritzed with salad dressing which I picked up, also at the kosher market.

We had a good lunch, and a good discussion. Then I drove up to Flower Mound and picked up a bottle of enzymes, back to Arlington to meet up with LittleBit, by way of Walmart so I could renew my fishing license for Monday, then two hours with my youngest in Braum’s, where I ate fro-yo with strawberry sauce and we talked for two hours. After that, it was nap time, then off to the grocery store with my laminated chart in hand, and home again with fresh produce. Including one perfect potato which was subsequently nuked, half saved for another meal, and seasoned liberally with goat’s milk kefir (which makes an acceptable if not perfect substitute for sour cream) and herbes de Provence.

And that was my day. I am going to email the new ward librarian with a list of pictures we need for this morning’s lesson, and then I am going to reset the alarm and go back to bed. And sometime between now and Primary, I will run my eyes over the lesson and hope for the best. [Magnifying my calling, as we say, is not on the list this weekend. Will strive to do better next time.]

A little knitting progress today. There are roughly four inches on the hatband for the current chemo cap for Middlest’s friend. It will be good church knitting tomorrow, as I’m using the same pattern I did for the new guy’s first chemo cap. [His hair is still firmly in place as of this writing. Pretty cool.]

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AlisonH said...

Good luck with the diet! I'd still stay far away from the shrimp, myself.

Oh, and: dark berries have high levels of aspirin in them. A friend of mine with anaphylactic shock at aspirin can eat just a very few blueberries, and I can't risk eating many either.