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Friday, September 23, 2011

My new, new favorite number is 65!!!

That’s the good news. His cancer count is plummeting. The less-good news is that his platelets are getting hammered, and he is having some internal bleeding, but they are monitoring him closely. As far as I know, he has not had to get a transfusion. (I’ve asked, and he’s not had a chance to respond, as he is in full-on zombie mode at the moment.)

In other good news, there will be opportunity for much overtime next month, which should make a dent in the financial damage of recent months.

I have a whole set of new dates calendared for his chemo, CT scan, etc. He gets the latter on the 10th, but he does not get the results until November 3. He is hoping that a discreet bribe of a loaf of homemade bread and a jar of pomegranate jelly to the nurse may shorten that wait. There are three more chemo treatments scheduled, the last one for November 1, but he is back on the Tuesday/Thursday schedule, which he prefers. And he will be flying out to CA after the penultimate treatment in order to drive his mom and her stuff back to Texas.

We both thought that he would be closer to a decision by this point. My irreverent thought when he told me November 3 was that it doesn’t leave much time to plan a wedding (not that he has asked) if I want to have it when Middlest is here over Thanksgiving. I did not share that thought with him. And, thankfully, he does not yet have blog privileges.

I ate well yesterday. I feel well this morning. I had a nice steep in the tub and massaged my cankle and loosened things up a little. I am now leaving a few minutes earlier than usual, in order to pick up raisins and read the label on Mrs. Dash. Dinner last night was the leftover mushroom jollop stirred into a package of unseasoned ramen noodles. Next time I fix the mushrooms, I will add some chopped ham or chicken to the leftovers, and I would really like to be able to season the noodles.

The rice pudding was a success. I ate it for breakfast at my desk yesterday. Most of it before the staff meeting, and the rest of it afterward. When I make it again, I will actually measure the almond extract instead of splooshing it in, but that’s my only quibble. A mere quibblette.

I would just about kill for some hash browns right now, but I will close my eyes and think about England.

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