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Monday, September 19, 2011

Random Synaptic Firings, Monday Edition

The fishing stuff is packed. Ditto a complete change of clothes in case I fall out of the boat. [If I’m prepared, it won’t happen.] Most of the October birthday gifts are wrapped. I have a small bag of stuff that will go to the thrift store next time I’m in the neighborhood. One of my girlfriends has old, but working, computer speakers; she will bring them to church next week, and I will be all set for General Conference the weekend after that.

I forgot to tell you how it went when the new guy ran the gauntlet with my people on Saturday. My bishop was there, ditto the high priest group leader, ditto the oldest and feistiest member of that quorum [those of you who know Brother Kayak from my old ward? this one’s feistier!], my dentist (who lives in my old stake), a member of the bishopric in my old ward and his wife, plus my friends H & P who live in Firstborn’s ward, and a dear friend [female] from the weeks we lived in Burleson Ward.

I sat there feeling encircled by love, surrounded by priesthood brethren who only want my happiness. [Everybody should have the privilege of knowing that feeling. Often.]

After the session, we were all in the celestial room of the temple, whispering quietly and reverently, hugging, strengthening Zion in general and me in particular. It was interesting to stand at the new guy’s side as my bishop greeted him. They are eye to eye. Nobody flinched. And I was just standing there, enjoying the moment and no doubt grinning like an idjit.

I think that I also failed to mention that the new guy has emailed me an Excel spreadsheet with foods to inquire about. I am adding to it as I think of things, and I will make an appointment with Sister Biofeedback for more testing.

It occurred to me as I was driving to church that he’s going to an awful lot of trouble for someone who hasn’t declared himself; sounds as if he might want to keep a certain Ms. Ravelled around.

It is now crazy-early in the morning, and I am going back to bed for a few hours. ETA at his place sometime between 5:30 and 6:00. And I need to wash my hair first.

Middlest, good progress on the chemo cap for your friend today.

Night, all.

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