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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Six pounds. Probably from my ankles.

My massage therapist said last Friday that it looked as if I had lost weight. I got on the scale at work yesterday. Six pounds. I’m guessing it’s mostly fluid from my ankles and lower calves. The right ankle is a still little puffy just above the foot, but it looks fifteen years younger. The left one has a ways to go, but the swelling is markedly less, and it’s not as warm to the touch. I’ll give it some time with the golf ball in a couple of minutes before I start getting ready for work.

I am cooking this morning, a recipe of the new guy’s. Mushrooms in the pan with about half the butter he would use, because butter is on my better not list. Then some chopped onions. Then about a tablespoon of jarred, minced garlic. Then three generous handfuls of baby spinach, lid on tight, heat turned off.

I spooned out all the bits with spinach into one container, and what was left into another. I’ll have that over rice one day soon.

I got the stitches picked up for the crown of the chemo cap, and about two inches worked up the side, so I’m guessing that it’s about one-third done. It goes a lot faster once the mindless stockinette begins.

I cannot believe that I only have one project on the needles. The new Knitty is up. I am moderately to sorely tempted by several of the designs, six of which are hanging out at the bottom of my queue, which is now five pages long.

My camera is yeeping at me. The batteries that I bought at the battery store do not last as long between charges as the batteries I bought at the camera store.

I made an appointment with the chiropractor my massage therapist recommended, for next Monday afternoon, just before my next massage. My right hip is in serious need of a tune-up. I was feeling it yesterday morning, but this morning it seems to be behaving itself. I divorced my chiropractor thirteen years ago, so I am probably way past due.

Now to check my calendar to see if I booked my next appointment with my hair magician, or if I only thought I did. My bangs are at that awkward stage, but the rest of it is growing out nicely.

They changed the new guy’s appointments. Originally he was just meeting with the oncologist tomorrow, but they’ve moved up chemo #5 from next Tuesday, which pretty much trashes this weekend for him. On the other hand, that might also make a decision on his part five days closer...

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