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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Drama Mama.

No, not me. She was the ringmaster of two one-act plays put on by a bunch of kids in an extracurricular program that the daughter of one of my friends is in. I feel a little OK a lot guilty in retrospect, because a couple of weeks ago I completely spaced about BittyBubba's play or concert or whatever. I was in the throes of appointment after appointment after appointment, and tasks piling up at work and coming home exhausted.

Tonight I laughed hard, and it was fun. I stopped in at Half Price Books on the way home, hoping to find another copy of a cookbook I like, and while this store didn't have it, a nearby one does, and they will send it over. What I did find was a copy of my first treasured vegetarian cookbook, The Vegetarian Epicure, which is where I got my great spanakopita recipe. My first copy has been missing for at least ten years.

I managed to put several rounds on the sweater sleeve tonight, and the sleeve now comes down to roughly the crease of my elbow. I am not taking the sweater with me to the hospital tomorrow. I'm planning to take the baby sock. I won't weep if I have to frog a few stitches ~ or rounds ~ after coming out from under the anesthetic tomorrow afternoon.

Review of the new, lightweight compression socks that I recently ordered: I like the color options. They will do nicely for three hours of church, but they are completely inadequate for a workday. The elastic at the top is a little too snug and digs into my calf. That can't be good. So I will not reorder, and I will keep looking.

I have a little over half an hour in which to enjoy drinking cool, clear water. I'm going to make the most of it.

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