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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cuprit is loitering in a pool hall somewhere.

Or possibly rolling drunks in the park. [She is still at the post office. They say they attempted delivery. Fourthborn says that nobody from the post office delivered anything yesterday, much less a longed-for goat-footed shepherdess.] We are hoping that she arrives at Fourthborn’s office sometime today; to that end, I am driving in, the better to pick up Fourthborn and FiancĂ© after work and to return Larxene after her extended visit.

Have you seen brooklyntweed’s latest post? EZ is the reason I knit with confidence. She is on my short-list of “people to hunt up after I’m gone”.

Random thought: I have major chunks of the soundtrack from Stranger than Fiction running in the back of my mind. Maybe because that was the most recent movie I listened to while working on Cuprit’s sweater? I played it once in English, and most of the special features, and about half of it in French. Zut alors!

Yesterday was beyond crazy-busy. I drank an entire 20-oz. bottle of Cherry Coke [ordinarily one will last me two or three days] and popped open a 12-oz. can to pour into the empty bottle. I was up at 2:45, back in bed at 4:15 (secret Relief Society mission; if I told you, we’d have to baptize you!), up again at 5:00. I was blessed to be reasonably effective at work, but oh honey! so weary. Did not plan my wardrobe well ~ just went with what was clean and reasonably color-coordinated ~ and found myself at the baptism in a nice pair of slacks, instead of the dress or skirt I would have felt ever so much better in.

We had a good turn-out. The Spirit was much in evidence. One more lamb welcomed into the fold of God.

I even had sufficient presence of mind to make a few phone calls for church, once I got home, but it was pretty much all about eating Monday’s leftovers, cold as a bill collector’s heart, except for the rice, and toddling off to bed.

Cuprit’s skirt is still unfinished. I had asked for today off, to go with tomorrow and Friday to play with the Bitties, but we have our monthly staff meeting, so that was negatori, Ghost Writer (Rider? my kids always said it so fast that I had not a clue). I guess I will be sewing at work today. I’m driving in, the better to pick up Fourthborn and FiancĂ© and hand back Larxene and bring Cuprit home, assuming the weather cooperates and we get her face-up done. [Oh wait; I said that already. I told you I was tired!]

I just want to stay home and sleep and sew. And then go pick my kids up and have a nice family night, and eat too much ice cream and go to bed in a fat- and sugar-induced state of bliss.

I tumped the water out of the two planters when I got home from the baptism last night. I hope the grass is happy. I wasn’t sure I’d have enough oomph to do it, but I did.

Following is the text of an email I sent out to the office yesterday. Two of us run the office dishwasher at the end of the workday. Two more unload it in the morning.

Subject: A plea from your Dishwasher Divas (afternoon division)

Preceded by an apology. I was supposed to run the beast yesterday afternoon; I got involved in a project and forgot, so I ran it this morning.

When I volunteered to be a Dishwasher Diva, it was my understanding that our duties involved putting detergent into the machine and starting it but did not include loading the dishwasher. It is dismaying to see a sink full of dirty dishes when I go into the break room. I suspect that [other afternoon Diva] feels much the same, but she is far too genteel to tell you. ☺

If you would like to have your dishes washed by the machine, please put them into the machine. If you would prefer to wash them yourself, please oh please do so and then put them away.

I did load the machine this morning, because I couldn’t stand the mess in the sink. If you catch me loading the machine again, you may reasonably expect that Elijah and Elisha will immediately swoop down out of the sky in that golden chariot and whisk me off to Heaven.

[Somebody should probably start an office pool on that outcome…]

I have way more fun than is probably allowed at work. Truly can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead in WordProcessingdom today!

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