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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

More Links!

Before I forget, LadyZen has a fundraiser for the American Heart Association next Saturday. This links to her donation page.

I think I might want to see this movie, after Movie Mom’s review. I bet Brother Sushi will.

Are you prepared? September is National Preparedness Month.

Yesterday was a lovely calm quiet day. I reworked the body of Cuprit’s sweater [twice], because after putting in the row of eyelets at the waist and getting nearly to the armscye, it occurred to me to count the number of eyelets. If you’re planning on threading something through a row of eyelets, and you want the ends of the something to wind up on the same side of the fabric, you need an even number of eyelets.


But I am nearly back to where I was when I thought to count, and I’ll blow past that point while riding the train this morning.

The knitting bag is packed. Firstborn’s socks are safely tucked inside, along with the other two needles I am using for Cuprit’s sweater. I have my lunch, a fresh box of cereal to stow in my cubicle at work, and the raisins which need to be used up. I have my camera. I have Rebecca’s blocking wires. I might even have most of my marbles!

All that remains is to arm the alarm, schlepp this stuff out to the car, schlepp the recycling and trash out to the street, and head for the station. Fourthborn, I am not planning to drive in until Friday, if then, so I will leave Larxene here in the safety and cool of the house.

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Jenni said...

I love my socks. Thanks.