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Five years into widowhood, after one year of incredible happiness and nearly 14 years of single blessedness. Have given up perfect manicures and pretty hands in order to resume playing the soprano recorder and to see if I can figure out how to play bluegrass banjo. Singing in the shower. Still really, *really* love to knit!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Who you calling a [spinach and artichoke] dip?

Much happy shopping yesterday. I love spending other people’s money. [Actually, it was my money, but I’ve already been reimbursed, and really it all belongs to Heaven anyway. I got Heaven (and its earthly manifestation, the church) some good bargains!]

Bread and peanut butter and jelly and sliced ham and mustard (eww!) and margarine (eww, squared!) And while I was at the various stores on my errand from Above, I also purchased a few things, separately, for me. Whole-grain bagels and English muffins, and I bought enough stuff total that I got to take home two bags from the crazy-bargain table, gratis. A bag of round sandwich slices that look like Ritz crackers all bloated with PMS. A package of flour tortillas.

From there I went to Wal-Mart, where I bought the ham. And a couple more items for me. Brought all that stuff home and put it in the fridge, then went to Town Talk and got a gallon of nasty yellow mustard that we used about half of; I don’t know who took it home, but it most certainly did not come back home with me. Not even for compost!

What did I get at Town Talk, for me? A pint of gourmet ginger ice cream; I ate some of it when I came home from the broadcast last night. A pint of almond gelato. Two little tubs of chêvre. A “light” Brie. [Isn’t that oxymoronic?] A few slices of French cheese that I think will make wonderful multicultural quesadillas when paired with the flour tortillas. And the crowning glory? Wensleydale cheese, with blueberries, for less than a dollar!!! That much cheese would have cost me a week’s food budget, had I bought it at Central Market.

Then I drove under the freeway to another Wal-Mart and picked up the last few items, since Town Talk couldn’t beat their prices. Peanut butter, jelly, and the margarine. I brought home a jumbo box of chocolate chip cookie mix, two little bags of slice-and-bake to put into my lunches, and a tub of spinach/artichoke cream cheese.

I came home long enough to slather some cream cheese on a bagel, wash it down with a glass of juice, and reload the car with all the perishables [and my receipts] to take them down to the stake center.

But wait, there’s more! While perusing one of the yarn catalogues that I tried to get to earlier in the week, I found a sock yarn that is 75% bamboo and 25% nylon. I think there is a pair of socks in Fourthborn’s future, but don’t tell her I said so. [I think that much nylon is going to be infuriating to work with, but the bamboo may overrule it, and I’ll knit almost any yarn once.]

I had a little adventure, mid-day.

Dear Neighbor

When I came home from buying groceries, I noticed that my recycling bin had been moved close to the property line between your duplex and mine. Someone had placed a bag of garbage in it. My best guess is that it was somebody from your household; I have returned it to your door. If I am mistaken, please forgive me.

The recycling bins and garbage bins on my side of my duplex are for both halves of my duplex. Surely you have your own? If you do not, please find another means of disposing of your garbage.

Sincerely yours,

I called one of the girls and read that off to her [I was feeling pretty snarky]; she said they would get over it, or maybe they just wouldn’t speak to me. I told her they don’t speak to me now [because we never see each other], and she said “Well, there you go.”

The bag of garbage was still hung on the door when I got home last night. They’re horse people, here for one show or another. I’m not even sure which half of the duplex they’re staying in. It’s just pickups coming and going at odd hours.

At our RS meeting and service projects, the hour and a half for three sessions of sandwich-making [which I supervised] just flew by. I figured that my cranky ankle would be the size of my head this morning, and it’s not. That’s really all the blessing I need for the time I put in. I think the project was a success, though we came up short on sandwiches, and my inner mathematician just won’t pipe down about it. I’m going to give her a nice quick breakfast before heading out the door to pick up my friend for church.

Yes, I know it’s Fast Sunday in our ward because of General Conference next weekend, but all my cells are screaming “Sustenance, wench!” so, no. Not today.

We have presidency meeting after church today, and there is a break-the-fast for the singles tonight. I will make the former but possibly not the latter. I’m feeling a little peopled-out, and severely in need of a nap. [I may cancel the presidency meeting. I only woke up about an hour ago, and sleep is already sounding good to me.]

But there is a sleeve-swatch for another doll sweater sitting here on my desk, and I have Brie in my fridge. So life is good, chez Ravelled.

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Tan said...

It sounds as if RS is keeping you busy. Being an organist is keeping me busy.