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Saturday, September 05, 2009

What’s on my plate today?

First, literally, there is breakfast with Trainman. He is picking me up in two and a half hours. [I just need to figure out how to do five hours’ housework between now and then.] I am going to try the Hot Brown at Chef Point Cafe.

I am hoping to pick up the clasps for the two necklaces I made last Saturday, while I am out and about.

I need to prepare my lesson for Relief Society tomorrow; it’s my turn to teach.

I may be going visiting teaching with one of the sisters in my ward. Her companion is recovering from surgery.

I would like to finish the Cuprit’s skirt; that may be a project for tomorrow after church. We are still waiting on our shipping notice, but I want to be prepared when she arrives. I also need to make her a pair of undies and a slip so she won’t be going commando under all the finery. One more reason to find my tatting shuttle: I would [eventually] like to make lace trim for her slip. I have three yards of turquoise silk broadcloth that I bought 20+ years ago to make a blouse, but haven’t. I would like to use that up. I think I will probably need to wait until she’s here to make a matching camisole to go under the sweater.

I frogged a plum tweed scarf I had begun months ago from Reynolds Whiskey, because the yarn is not soft enough to wear around my neck. It has relaxed a lot in the last 24 hours, but I think I’ll need to wait a few more days before I can think of knitting it up again into a pair of boot socks or couch socks. This house gets quite chilly in the winter.

My thoughts are bouncing around like drops of water on a hot skillet, and I just looked at the time.

I found links to metric graph paper online yesterday. I will print off a few pages and graph out the shaping for the back and fronts of Cuprit’s sweater. But first I need to knit a row or two, to calm down a little.

Secondborn posted recently that she has reached the “exploding ankles” phase of pregnancy. My grandson is due soon; Firstborn is keeping the kids for much of the weekend to give Secondborn her last chance to rest up for the next several months.

Could be an interesting weekend!

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