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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Time to pick out the Christmas gift

Which one, you ask? The one from the company to me.

2008 - Hand-powered emergency radio
2007 - Collapsible fishing pole
2006 - Two-person tent
2005 - Calphalon pot
2004 - Calphalon pot
2003 - Cordless drill
2002 - Travel organizers [for toiletries and jewelry]
2001 - Sun shelter/canopy thingie

I get things that would be useful, on which I have no desire to spend my hard-earned cash. Generally things for emergency preparedness.

What did I order this year? Well, I got really excited when I saw the laser level. I loved using Brother Sushi’s when I did the Wall Words in the dining room of the penultimate apartment. It would be nice to have one of my own, in case I get the sudden urge to hang pictures at 3:00am.

And I couldn’t remember if I’d gotten the emergency radio last year or had chosen the square griddle; I had to wait until I was home and could peek into my 72-hour kit. So I made an executive decision and chose the compressor, considering how often I’ve had flat tires lately. Trainman suggested, months ago, that I get one. He keeps one in his trunk. And in a couple of months, so will I.

I think that 1BDH would have been a lot more enthusiastic about that bit of news if I had not just handed him my car key and told him I thought I’d picked up another nail.

I reached the armscye on Cuprit’s sweater at Knit Night. Ran through the underarm stitches with a snippet of silk thread and parked the rest of the stitches on my 000 needle so I could get cracking on the sleeves. It’s almost time to wind another ball of the Gloss Lace.

Firstborn seemed very happy with her socks. I am happy that they fit so well, and I will be happy to pass the rest of the yarn on to Middlest for dolly knitting.

It is weird, truly deeply strange, to only have one project on my needles.

Secondborn has informed the next grandchild that since he declined to be born on his due date or on Labor Day, it would be all right with her if he made his appearance on 09/09/09. Maybe I should knit him a second sock?

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