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Saturday, September 19, 2009

“I can only make one call a day.”

So, I called the number that Nice Supervisor gave me, and I asked to speak to one of the three guys whose names she also gave me. One of them answered the phone. He had apparently just gotten off the phone with Fiancé, because he was just this shy of rudeness. He said they were checking into it, and that they had Fiancé’s number and would call him. I said that I would like for them to call me, too, and started to give him my number, at which point he uttered the title of this blog post. He also declined to transfer me to the guy who is their Express Mail specialist.

Had fun at the doll meet last night. Food was good, and we met some nice people. I would say about evenly divided between folks my non-doll-daughters would consider normal and those falling under the extremely eclectic banner of “artistic types”. Somebody suggested that we call to see if there is a separate EMS hub, either in Dallas or Fort Worth, where the package might have gone after the allegedly failed delivery. Fourthborn is also going to get in touch with the manufacturer and ask them to trace it from their end.

We went to the third Post Office and found another kind, helpful soul who nevertheless did not have a package for us lurking in the back room. We came home and checked eBay and Craig’s List and Amazon, to see if anybody had recently put one of these dolls up for sale [on the chance that somebody had purloined her from the delivery truck; we are not accusing the letter carrier of malfeasance]. Nada.

The good news is, Fourthborn’s Hati and Skoll arrived safely, and we did the obligatory box opening photos. She has loaned me her Nikolai [a Glot] for measuring and pattern-making purposes. He’s a little goat baby. Pictures to follow, but not today. Today I am being absorbed into the borg that is the regional Young Single Adult Conference. I will be serving breakfast and picking up dinner for others to serve, and then I will swing by Secondborn’s house to pick up the last of my laundry, which I had to leave in the dryer in order to pick up Fourthborn soon enough to get us to that PO before it closed.

Good progress on the baby socks. When I went to bed last night, I was nearly done with the second cuff. I am actually going to put in a lifeline before working the heel flaps and the feet and toes; that way if I run out of yarn before I run out of sock, I can just let-er-rip and do the heel flaps with a plausible contrasting yarn.

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nekokoi said...

actually, Nicolai is a Glati xD