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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Still Life with Doll and Sweater.

And here we have the lovely Larxene modeling her cousin’s (?) sweater.

She needs to be restrung, so she doesn’t want to stand up or sit on a table. Here is a close-up of the waist, peplum, and I-cord drawstring.

And one of the neckline. I’m really pleased with how well that neckband fits.

Because this is Texas, land of the Nieman Marcus Christmas Catalogue, here’s a shot with the necklace I made for Larxene. It’s not fastened in back, just draped around her neck because I was tired of messing with the wig.

She was willing to let me drape her over the back of the chair as if she were dropping water balloons onto the floor. I think the gathering at the waist will be more graceful when this sweater is on Cuprit, who is several centimeters taller and a bit fuller in both waist and bosom.

I am excessively pleased with that peplum.

We got a lot of rain this weekend. Yesterday morning there was maybe an inch and a half of water in my planters. This is what it looked like when I came home from church this afternoon:

It’s even more full now; the water is the length of my hand from the top of the planter [about 6.5 inches], and the planter comes up to my knee. So maybe 18” of water inside, though I’m sure that we didn’t get 18” of rain over the course of the weekend. There are snails and slugs crawling all over the porch and the steps ~ I am not going back out there with my tape measure to be properly scientific.

Sorry for the late post. After I snapped this last picture [but before I did the I-cord belt for the sweater], my camera started whooping that the batteries needed recharging. So I put in a movie and cast three stitches onto my trusty 00 DP and soldiered away for about 60cm. There are beaded doodads on each end of the belt. I’m not patient enough to figure out how to get a good picture of them for you.

Instead, I’m going to put Larxene’s necklace into a Ziploc snack bag and put her jacket back on her and swaddle her into the duffel bag with the sweater to show off at Knit Night on Tuesday. I may or may not work on Cuprit’s skirt tonight. I am definitely going to make myself a tuna fish sandwich and grab the human-size scarf which I began at church today.

Fourthborn PM’d me that Cuprit is sitting at U.S. Customs. She is tracking the shipment with her customary attention to detail. [Which leaves me free to finish sweaters, eat sandwiches, and attempt to stay awake for another hour and a half until it is officially my bedtime.]

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Jenni said...

The sweater turned out very nicely.