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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Incremental progress.

On a number of levels, in a number of aspects.

First, the scanner. When I got home last night, the annual statement from Social Security was waiting for me. I read the numbers, scanned and shredded the paper copy. Then I went to my files and pulled out last year’s and several others, going back to 2000’s statement for 1999, which was my first full year of full time work after getting my associates degree and my divorce in 1998.

My first year of paying into the system, 1970, I earned $21. My 2000 statement projected my monthly benefit at retirement, based on past earnings, at a little over $300. I am pleased to report that it’s somewhat higher now, after 12+ years of gainful employment.

The hat which I cast on, on Saturday, is nearly done. I began the decreases at lunch yesterday, and 75% of the stitches are gone, and it’s shaping up nicely. I am going to toss the smaller hat (which fits Honor) into my bag so that I can cast one on as soon as this one is bound off and the ends are woven in.

Last night turned into an adventure. After Relief Society, I went out to the car and discovered that my car key had disappeared from my pocket / the key ring. I have one of those key rings where I can pop the car key off so I don’t mess up the electronic ignition with the weight of the key ring as a whole. We had to call one of my friends, who came and picked us up (us being his wife, whom I had planned on taking home, plus the friend I had picked up to take to Relief Society, and me), drove us here, where I knew exactly where the spare key was and walked right back out again, and back to the church. At that point, the car which had been parked to the left of Lorelai was gone, and there was the first car key, lying on the pavement where it had bounced.

In other good news, one of my friends just lobotomized her computer, and she has a newer-than-mine tower to donate to the cause. (I have been grousing on Facebook about my computer issues.) I will pick it up tonight when I go visiting teaching. [She also promised homemade gingersnaps, as if visiting her were not reason enough to go.]

Secondborn says the problem is with my motherboard, and that 2BDH can work all kinds of wonders if I give him a new(er) tower to work with. So I think this is going to be another amazing day; I hope for significantly less nerve-wracking reasons than parts of yesterday.

Up against the wall, redneck motherboards?

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